how executives think people react to celebrity voices in animated films

how executives think people react to celebrity voices in animated films

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47 Responses

  1. Qwade says:

    I love how “Chris Pratt is Mario” sounds like it was made up for the skit for humour reasons, but it’s real

  2. The Dragon Girl 27 says:

    ProZD screaming “Chris Pratt is Mario” has the same energy as him screaming “Aqua got Norted” lmao

  3. Fish For Thought says:

    This is actually how I react when ProZD uploads a new skit, not whatever chris brat is up to.

    • I drink milk says:

      @Abi the fallen human lol idk what you’re talkin about dude. Being edgy? I’m just being honest lol I guess you’re so used to trolls on the internet, you’ve never met someone who’s truly against homosexuality because of religion 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • ReaperBlaze76 says:

      You know OP it’s s strange you say this like you’re making a point.
      “I get excited over someone I’m a fan of, but not excited over someone who I don’t know”
      Like you’re saying nothing of substance at all, I don’t get excited over Pewdiepie but that doesn’t mean the guy doesn’t have fans who get excited over the things he does.

    • I drink milk says:

      @Abi the fallen human “Christianity? The one with the book that has feet as an innuendo for genitals? And the son of the lord washed all his male friends “feet”? That Christianity?”

      Bruh what? 🤦🏻‍♂️ I can really tell you took all that from the Bible, but out of context. You think Jesus is gay? Gtfo lol

    • I drink milk says:

      @Abi the fallen human “Dude you’re* the worst troll ever XD” I’m not trolling tho, it’s just an opinion 🧍🏻‍♂️

  4. 4000Wiggins says:

    I always love how Brad Bird casts his animated films. Celebrity takes a backseat to the right voice for the part.

    • Arghya Raihan says:

      @Thomas S Vin Diesel wasn’t a huge name back then. Jennifer Aniston though, yeah.

    • -Kakao- Katze says:

      Thank you for cleansing my palette by reminding me of a good director.

    • Shade Nox says:

      @Thomas S That’s literally what they said? Celebrity takes a backseat to the right voice for the right role, that doesn’t mean never any celebrities, just only for roles they work for. Which you just admitted was the case.

    • ChandlerWithaZ says:

      @Thomas S or like the amazing choice of robin williams as the genie

    • Exile976 says:

      @SpaceCaptBrownie Whenever I saw ads for the Paw Patrol movie it was headlined with “You won’t believe who voiced this character” and my thought was “I don’t care, and neither do the little kids you are trying to get to watch this movie”

  5. MegaMerp says:

    I love how no effort was put into making his characters different ages.

  6. STheTeller says:

    I had a feeling yesterday that this movie will be the catalyst for ending celebrity voice acting. Hopefully it is. (Unless they’re perfectly casted like in kung-fu Panda or a ghibli dub)

    • Sans Peter Griffin says:

      That’s just modern day illumination

    • TheSkullface95 says:

      Come on Apollo make this one be a prophesy.

    • Santa Australia says:

      The most funniest thing is, it’s all a meme, but there’s a few good choices here. Seth Rogen and Jack Black is gonna kill their role. And Charlie day is basically a non Italian Luigi.

      How the fuck are they going to squeeze a squeak out of key is beyond me, but as long as Chris Pratt don’t fuck up, we’ll have an opportunity to beat the mortal Kombat movie.

    • Quincy Morris says:

      Chris Pratt did great in the lego movies

    • deepca says:

      ghibli dubs are always P E R F E C T.

      tom holland was the boy in Arrietty. did you know? because i sure didnt

  7. shadowslayer205 says:

    Whenever an animated film features a celebrity voice, my mom just sees the name in the credits and is like “Oh, he was in the movie? I didn’t recognize him.”

  8. Plushy Yu says:

    “Chris Pratt is playing Mario in the Mario movie.” Said Sungwon calmly

  9. Patterrz says:

    This was pretty much me but for Jack Black

    • Shiggedy says:

      Sure, but Jack is a seasoned VO artist with a number of prominent roles establishing him in animation work. I had to look up Pratt’s CV to remember that he played Emmet in the Lego movies.

    • Zach Ziegler says:

      @Shiggedy he was pretty good in the Lego movie at least, but I get what you mean. The problem with BOTH of them is that neither tends to change their voice much, so I have a hard time imagining them as these characters with well-established voices. I think Jack Black can pull it off, but I’m worried Pratt is just gonna use his normal voice for Mario. Which will be heinous to say the least

    • Eric Wijaya says:

      @Zach Ziegler i mean, it could work, mario was once from brooklyn, so they’re probably going for that approach

    • Humania The Ball says:

      Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong is it for me

  10. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    The people need to make a petition and make Danny DeVito as Wario

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