How much ‘Titanium’ does iPhone 15 Pro *actually* have? – NO SECRETS HERE!

How much ‘Titanium’ does iPhone 15 Pro *actually* have? – NO SECRETS HERE!

Today we completely dismantle a new iPhone 15 Pro Max to see how much titanium Apple has overlayed onto their aluminum frame. Anker Nano USB-C Fast Charging Lineup for iPhone 15 on Amazon: and on

Titanium is a really expensive material. Titanium is also EXTREMELY difficult to work with. But its really cool to see how Apple has assembled their new iPhone 15 Pro Max from the inside. We also take apart Apple’s Tetra-Prism camera to see how the 5x Telephoto lens functions.

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49 Responses

  1. Adhiraj V. says:

    This might be the most destructive teardown he has ever done

  2. Pablo Cimadevila says:

    Very useful video. Now I know that the titanium bezel is 1mm thick, so it is possible to set diamonds around it 🙂 Love your videos Zack!

  3. Julian Villarreal says:

    This is definitely the most destructible teardown video ever. The titanium might be easier to break than stainless steel.

    • Bipolar Tiger says:

      Titanium is not as strong as most steel. It is much lighter, it is not supposed to be stronger.

    • Paul j says:

      @Bipolar Tiger Strength per weight is much greater in titanium. The reason these titanium phones will likely break worse when dropped is that steel is more malleable. Titanium will pass much higher shock to the glass, whereas the steel absorbed more of the impact. Aluminum absorbs even more energy, and so the most likely phone to survive a drop would be the non pro iphones.

    • Flying Rusty Crown says:

      ​Robocop was made of titanium, so he was died hard

    • X Fade says:

      @Bipolar Tiger it is supposed to be stronger. Just compared to the same weight. that’s why it’s used in planes etc.

    • Ra y says:

      ​@Bipolar Tigerit’s just another of those dumb overrated ideas on Apple’s long list of bullshi*ting the generic consumers. Apple tried to do this whole titanium thing back in Steve’s days too.

  4. Astrid Grubbs says:

    Recent Materials Engineering graduate here: solid state diffusion doesnt need a glue or epoxy or anything like that, they put the metals in direct contact with each other and then heat them up to a certain fraction of the metals’ melting point (dont know what that fraction is, i didnt focus on metals too much) and then the ions inside the metal will just shake around and actually bleed from one metal into the other metal, binding them into a single piece. It’s kind of like when you pour milk in coffee and you can see the milk bleed through and mix with with the coffee. They just stop the metals diffusion after they’ve combined rather than letting them completely mix.

  5. Vic Jang says:

    Wow, just wow! I’ve never watched and didn’t know of your channel until this video. Everything I’ve watched so far is amazing. Great tear down, professional yet funny narration, even the sponsored part and the knife look very interesting. I think I just found a gem.

  6. Glass says:

    I’m a very experienced machinist and it blows my mind imagining all the processes that take place to build an iPhone from start to finish. It actually gives me slight anxiety 😬 lol

    • Fyn Kozari says:

      Wait until u see the price of that silly old tech. Slowest charging phone on the planet. No innovation whatsoever.

    • Octavio_F82 says:

      @Fyn Kozariold tech, and slow charging? 😂What phone do you have? The iPhone has fast charging with a 20w or bigger charger Lol

    • Bogdan V. says:

      ​@Octavio_F82hahaha 20w is fast for you? I wouldnt go under 120w anymore after i got such a phone for 2 years already and i charge it in 15-20 mins

    • Fyn Kozari says:

      @Octavio_F82 bruz my oneplus 5t charges 20watt. Released in 2017. My 8T charges 65watt released 2020. Apple still charging for almost 2 hours like Google. Even s23 ultra takes 58min. Are u trolling?

  7. Xtreme says:

    An angle grinder is something I won’t expect in a phone teardown💀.

  8. Eleen Ilagan says:

    It would be super insane if Jerry was able to put all the parts back to its original look.. lol 😂

  9. 3k1ng says:

    I’m glad you put into perspective the board size vs what the device does that is explainable to every human, it gives a sense of scale to everyone just how powerful something so small can be…

  10. mandala akash says:

    Jerry always tends to remind phone companies that his teardowns are no joke, and this teardown was 🔥

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