How Tom Brady was after Losing to the Rams

How Tom Brady was after Losing to the Rams

Sorry Tom, them boys had to change it up this time 😂

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36 Responses

  1. Bribe says:

    They don’t miss a beat.

  2. Our Kind of Entertainment says:

    The fact that “Tyler Perry” was trending because people thought the way the game turned out was as ridiculous as a movie Tyler wrote was hilarious 😂

    • Carmen Lynch says:

      ain’t no way😂

    • Nigel Williams says:

      Funny thing about comedy is that there are always small truths about it.

    • Hunter B says:

      @Nigel Williams I don’t doubt for a second the nfl pushes for games that have star matchups, and do plenty of sketchy shit behind the scenes to sway games. But I’m pretty hesitant to say that the nfl is scripted down to individual plays, you are directly interfering with players money, and coaches jobs at that point, I think someone would’ve spoken up when they keep getting picked to be the guy who fumbled twice a game.

    • Sun Gaze says:

      @Bigpappachungus there is actually a movie that exposes sports but I can’t remember the name of it. But if you think it’s not scripted your just slow and don’t wanna believe we live in the matrix …good luck

    • Ras Claaticus says:

      @26 Mic you make skits.. As for “Entertaining”? I don’t know about that my guy 🙄.

  3. Blue says:

    Needed this after the heartbreaking loss to the chiefs.

    • KJ_ STYLIN says:

      The only reason they put up as much of a fight as they did was because Tyrann Matheiu wasn’t there. If he was there would have been no overtime, the Cheifs would have won either way. Go Cheifs

    • Daniel N says:

      Bills fans are used to it though, every season ends in heartbreak and it’s always “next year” lol. They played “we are the champions” in the locker room after beating a mediocre patriots team with a rookie qb lol

    • King Judah says:

      The shit literally ain’t real football how y’all get heartbroken about a team y’all don’t even play on the shit staged they purposely try to feed off peoples emotions it’s a kids game who cares unless u gambling then ok

    • King Judah says:

      And I always rocked with the Titans and I betted the bengals to win so that money more important then a team I don’t play for or have anything to do with it’s just entertainment be entertained

    • Bobayagga223 says:

      Fuck the bills , fucked up my 3 leg parlay . Them clowns need to turn in they mouthpieces. 🤣🤣

  4. Dnd JA says:

    Leland “how do you come up with this stuff”😂😂 that shit had me rolling

  5. BoolioGalaxy says:

    Mans was acting his ass off on this video. I legitimately watched this 3 times in a row cause his delivery of the lines was good af. 👍🏽

  6. Highlight Heaven says:

    lmao yall killed it again

  7. Mason Adams says:

    The performance of this skit might be the best you guys have ever put out 😂 like some real ass comedy actors

    • AxxL says:

      I like people with long brain. I have long amount of disl*kes btw. Why? Maybe people with short brain disl*ke because jealous of my long amount of subscr*bers. Please have long brain, dear ma

    • Swim Swagg712 says:

      @AxxL doesn’t really make sense but ok

  8. TONEakaSHOW says:

    That “grrrr rrrr” has me so dead, I for real dropped my phone 😁
    Please people protect Mark at all costs! He’s an American treasure!

  9. Js Lamine says:

    The hilarious part is that I’ve never seen Brady fold like this with so many opportunities 😂😂😂 great career, goat imo. Enjoy retirement

  10. G H says:

    Y’all never fail to crack me up – keep up the great work!

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