I Bought Banned Kid Toys

I Bought Banned Kid Toys

no offense to anyone named brad ward

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36 Responses

  1. Brad Ward says:

    Not cool man lol

  2. Jonnel says:

    Ryan is amazing at making viewers feel something after watching his videos. Did not expect myself to be finished watching this video feeling nostalgic and upbeat.

  3. Isaiah Photo says:

    Brad is a legend

  4. Jessica's Beauty Addiction says:

    I just imagine toy collectors absolutely freaking out over you opening rare banned toys 😂

  5. Drei Lyrics says:

    What I love about Ryan is that he’s a guy who likes to spread good vibes and make us entertain so much through his videos. He’s very cheerful and have a sense of humor. 😁❤

    • Kesley Johnston says:

      I like how he’s a straight up cloned mixture of 40 different YouTubers. My guy is the most generic person ever. I have seen 20 other videos showcasing these EXACT products

  6. Sophie Utecht says:

    Ryan’s inability to contain himself at the thought of Brad Ward is something else 😂

  7. Niles says:

    How do you manage to make a heart gripping, thought provoking and masterful piece of nostalgia-tripping content crunched into 14 minutes? Well done, Ryan! You’ve up’d the ante!

  8. jmg999 says:

    The beads in the Bindeez toys were supposedly made w/ a non-toxic ingredient, but as it turned out, they were actually made w/ a highly toxic one that, when metabolized, turned into GHB (AKA the date rape drug).

  9. MysteriousMasks says:

    a lot of people say this but really ryan NEVER fails to disappoint!

  10. MarieNeu says:

    Ryan is such a doll. He’s just adorable. His dad should be proud no matter what, and I know that he is! His dad has shown how proud he is on previous videos. ❤️

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