I Built Illusions in Survival Minecraft

I Built Illusions in Survival Minecraft

if you can believe it i actually like really like illusions like a lot 😳

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21 Responses

  1. Yrrah says:

    Its safe to say tazoh LOVES his illusions

  2. FitterWig says:

    18:06 the reason you fell into the void because of a glitch: if pistons push you into a end portal, you will be teleported to the same coordinates of the overworld in the end (basically the void)

  3. Mugxwara says:

    I love how Tazoh always goes an extra mile with his content, instead of just making the illusions he created an entire museum for them! W video as always

  4. Alexis TwoLastNames says:

    i went to an illusion museum in my city recently. this concept in a virtual world can be taken a lot further in terms of scale, def. as we see here lol. this is so cool.

  5. Dennis James says:

    Imagine instead of building the first level 2 build he made a QR code to a rickroll

  6. zlilstorm says:

    Man! You’re so close to 400K subscribers! Keep this great work up and you’re getting past that point by a mile!

  7. xFudge says:

    you know why i love tazoh, its because he always goes above and beyond with his videos

  8. Mask999 says:

    I don’t know why, but I’m really happy for tazoh. Great job, this is amazing!

  9. Ebad Imran says:

    So is no one gonna talk about how Myles experienced kinetic energy at minute 12:52. 😂

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