I Built The Most Over The Top Beacon In Minecraft Hardcore

I Built The Most Over The Top Beacon In Minecraft Hardcore


I finally have a house in a game about building houses

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I Built The Most Over The Top Beacon In Minecraft Hardcore

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26 Responses

  1. nathankincius says:

    the most impressive thing this man did was build this world without a base

  2. Omnis Deus says:

    You could turn the bottom area into a secret city civilization to act as your maxed out villager area, and because of the way you built the beacon, you have a few different options as for what to theme the city off of, the first being Mayan/Aztec because your base kind of looks like a Central American pyramid, or Greek/Roman because the style of shrubbery and “stonework” (your emerald texturing) resembles that kind of architecture.

  3. Polazz says:

    Kolanii never fails to take ‘Over the Top’ to the next level…

  4. NotChrisFromMrBeast says:

    This is why I watch Kolanaii. There is no separate story, no trailing off(often), just straight to the point with the best editing, and he actually puts in effort. I love his videos.

  5. Mystical-Baboon says:

    The amount of effort you put into these videos is unbelievable, thank you so much for making me laugh every time!

  6. LadybugFan 16 says:

    The fact he does this series in hardcore is amazing, and that his builds look spectacular is even better. Ppl be asking “Kolanii when is your next video coming out?” and hardcore fans say “He’s making a masterpiece in hardcore, give him time.”

    We hardcore fans know how many hrs and work u pour into ur videos, so keep up the hardwork man, cause legit my fav Minecraft yter.

  7. Cosmic Cabbage says:

    Kolanii is definition of quality over quantity

  8. Dempsey Payne says:

    The fact that you can tell he suffers through these challenges and still make good content tells that he is a legend

  9. ArrowBlade_123 says:

    You should add the largest storage room known to man inside of the pyramid, along with a villager hall, villager breeding room, an epic throne room, and a bunch of automatic farms

  10. Runzible says:

    I’d have to take a break from Minecraft for a full year if I did all that you did in this video, so much work.

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