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36 Responses

  1. laizy vlogs says:

    The girl who said no to feminism is actually perfect for Austin…..

  2. Blinkout says:

    Jalien: “He can’t hold a conversation”

    Also Jalien: “WhAt ArE yOu?! ETHNICITY!”

  3. Loreta Lielkalne says:

    The idea to have the people sit 6 feet away from the button and make the button go red for only a second is golden

  4. Carmi says:

    Austin liking the Barbie movie but not liking feminism is so iconic

  5. swan of the lake says:

    that girl being anti feminist and also feeling insecure about her surgeries was funny to witness 💀

    • 6lake says:

      So much for “support all women”. Sounds like it’s more “support women who agree with me and relish in the pain of those that don’t”

      Women are so much more “empathetic” than men are though – right?

    • em ma says:

      @6lakewho hurt u lmao

    • Mimimi says:

      @6lake nah, it’s kinda like a leopard ate my face situation with her, the guy that rejected her was being kinda harsh on her surgery anyways, not like he was empathetic either

    • dab or die trying says:

      @6lake literally all your comments on this channel are about “women 💔😳🙄”

  6. Kenzie Renea says:

    Cody constantly going “Austinnnn” when that human trash can walks in is the only redeeming thing about that guy 😂

  7. Snickidy says:

    having them sit 6 feet away and blinking the button is the best bit this show has ever had

  8. Beesechurger_73 says:

    This was so fun!

  9. MethodMam says:

    Codys year long study of the show allowed him to make the most uncomfortable and funny episode ever

  10. Sams Nothavingit says:

    These people truly just let Cody into their studio to play a speed dating version of Sims irl LMAO

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