I Hate Traveling.

I Hate Traveling.

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Thank you @Rirumato for helping me with hotel BG art and the dryer animation!!!

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21 Responses

  1. GK says:

    As a man who lives in the UK, I would like to say to Eli and Daidus as a representative of the whole of the UK, WE ARE SORRY FOR THE SHITE YOU HAD TO ENDURE

    • Zaineb Hidoussi says:

      you should not feel responsible for what happened to them in the UK just because you’re from there..and no you can never represent a whole country and everyone knows that ..just feel sorry for them like everyone else and wish them the best for their next flight that’s it.

    • wow says:

      ​@Zaineb Hidoussiit’s a lighthearted joke man..

    • redd Foxx says:

      like England shit, South Yorkshire 😬 my god 😂

    • Zaineb Hidoussi says:

      @wow i don’t think it was a joke and it’s not like i’m mad or anything just wanted to correct somebody that’s it

    • Midknight says:

      as a fellow englishman I ALSO APPOLOGISE FOR THIS ENDLESS ORDEAL

  2. Storm Arashi says:

    Syndey and Garnt are MVP’s for real.

    Hey Daidus, if your reading this, I hope you feel better. I’m sorry for your loss. 🙁

    • jack-jack iL says:

      We love you daidus, we are all here with you in this little parasocial bubble. Sending love and support in any way we can <3

  3. SirDoodicus says:

    God this makes my recent flights home from Tennessee look like a luxury private jet ride. I’m so sorry that all happened to you and Daidus 🙁

  4. Quina-chan says:

    As a British person from Oxford I bloomin’ hope our city treated you well.

    So sorry for your loss *hug*

  5. john krappweis says:

    As a fellow victim of the nasty little bloodsuckers, I feel your pain. Literally. Even after I threw out my mattress, deep cleaned ALL the laundry and linens, had the house professionally fumigated and bought a new mattress, I STILL find myself panicking over every little itch thinking they’re back.

  6. Karen Coon says:

    Sorry all that awful stuff happened and for your loss. I haven’t done any international travelling and have only been out of state like once. But I’ll tell you how that trip caused my lifelong fear of horses lol. So, I was 6 or 7 and my aunt owned some horses. And as majestic as they look, they are gigantic especially to a 6-7 year old! One of my relatives thought it would be fun to pick up child me and sit me on one of those horses without my consent to ride with my cousin. I did not appreciate this and was crying my heart out the entire time. (There is photo proof of this somewhere out there…) On top of that I watched that same horse later bite my older brother, unprovoked mind you, he wasn’t even facing the horse or doing anything. It just turned around and CHOMP! Blood everywhere, so yeah that’s why I have a fear of horses lol.

  7. Felipe León says:

    Round of applause to Sydney, the MVP of the whole trip

  8. L says:

    I suppose all the minor inconveniences we all experience, don’t prepare us for the actual ones that matter! I feel you, Condolences, to you both! 🥺🥹❤️ Sending hugs!🤗

  9. Cici Sunshine says:

    I’m sorry that you guys had to experience the UK like that! My worst travel experience was actually going to America to see my sister. I was going to see her for a week and what she didn’t know is that my Mum and Dad were also visiting her and with a delay in Texas due to a rain storm and I was so jet-lagged that I had a bit of a meltdown to the point where my sister found out that mum and dad were with me anyway and she was really happy to see us in person!

    And then when we got our luggage, all our stuff were soaked… ruining our clothes, one of Dad’s shirts were bleeded and our hotel room doesn’t have opening windows so we can’t get fresh air in to dry them!

  10. Nintendo Fan_2004 says:

    Whenever you lose somebody or something that you liked being around at times always sucks, I’m sorry for your loss, Daidus

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