I Let The FAMILY In Front Of Me Choose What I Eat For 24 Hours!

I Let The FAMILY In Front Of Me Choose What I Eat For 24 Hours!

The Letting the person in front of me decide what I eat challenge has been done countless times over the last few years, but in this food challenge I attempt to let the family in front of me decide what I eat at every fast food restaurant I visit!

This 24 hour high calorie was absolutely insane for the fact that I had to go to many fast food places! Be sure to stick around to see if I was able to complete this one!

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I’m Erik.
I specialize in high calorie food challenges. Whether it’s a massive 10,000 calorie burger, or it’s me attempting to eat the entire menu of a fast food restaurant. My goal is always to succeed in whatever food adventure I find myself in.
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24 Responses

  1. Noob :P says:

    erik always makes the day 99.98% yummier

  2. ErikTheElectric says:

    Never eating jalapeño poppers ever again after this 🥵🔥

  3. Will Calverley says:

    Looks absolutely delicious & sensational for family meals Erik! In fact, sometimes my family orders for lunch & dinner.

  4. mr wavey says:

    Everytime I watch Erik you always feel like he’s full but he still can carry on and eat it’s incredible

  5. m3rchK says:

    Erik at the beginning of challenge: “happiest man alive”

    Erik in the middle of challenge: “my stomach is a wreck-“

    Erik by the end of video: “my sanity is melting completely”

  6. CharalamBOSS says:

    I love how, while erik is running to the bathroom, he has time to put the camera down and film himself; so dedicated

  7. Hope says:

    The talent and core this man has is insane, my stomach could neverrrrr.

  8. Gunnerthebest says:

    The funniest things about the challenges that he does is how is so happy in the start and then slowly turning into depression.

  9. _GrapeShake_ says:

    Man I love how much passion and dedication he puts in his videos I love these vids 😁❤

  10. European Eating Expedition says:

    You are just incredible! The amount you can eat is just beyond my comprehension. Great video as always! 🍰

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