I shredded my $400,000 Red Italian Supercar

I shredded my $400,000 Red Italian Supercar

You can own pieces of a particular $400,000 Italian bright red supercar (I can’t say the name) that’s very popular on YouTube 😏

Once again… I can’t say the name but it’s ITALIAN and caught on fire in a cornfield 😂 So i shredded into a billion pieces and put it in these super cool cubes so everybody can have a piece. This along with my $300,000 German Luxury SUV that went through the most insane durability testing series ever, are now live on www.monstermax.com for sale

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33 Responses

  1. No Face Killah says:

    WD fans 20 years from now: “I took one piece at a time, and it didn’t cost me a dime”

  2. WhistlinDiesel says:

    The cornfield incident will NOT be ending the durability testing… 😏


  3. roberts.444 says:

    I would love to see someone just get an entire rim… that would be hilarious

  4. Panther Modern says:

    It’s ironic that the parts were treated with more care and attention than the cars

  5. snail fortress says:

    Love what you do man. People are salty but these companies destroy their own cars in tests ffs. You’re doin your thing living life and it’s commendable. Keep it up bro

  6. Jason Oldsted says:

    It’s ridiculous to me that even though you buy and own the vehicle outright the manufacturers will still sue and silence you from mentioning their name. You paid for it and own it, I guess that is the world we live in now.

    • M BBB says:

      You’re signing a contract. You don’t just “buy” an Italian supercar dopey American. You sign a contract of ownership. If you don’t like the terms, buy another car brand. It’s that f simple.

      Imagine an Italian buying a flight worthy P-51 and then flying it deliberately into a mountain and destroying it. (Parachuting out beforehand).

      Go to the Ferrari factory in Modena if you don’t believe me.

    • Jonathan Cena says:

      @M BBBfound the Italian

    • Rei~ says:

      @M BBB imagine buying one of the worst supercar to ever existed

    • Garret Lux says:

      @Rei~Ferrari does actually make phenomenal super cars

  7. voltage visuals says:

    Disassembled by the finest Americans is crazy!

  8. Julian Campos says:

    Love how Cody’s Is always giving back to his community even if it’s a destroyed car in cubes

  9. Tha_Monsta88 says:

    you get a box, you get a wrench, you get a desk light, you get a table. man Cody is better than Oprah Winfrey at this point

  10. Howdy says:

    Cody doing more good for the fast red italian supercar company than their own employees!

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