It’s a pleasure to meet you – part 2

It’s a pleasure to meet you – part 2

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18 Responses

  1. hickok45 says:

    Try to ignore the negative stuff and just do what feels right to you. There will always be a very loud, small percentage of trouble makers looking for attention.
    Don’t ever let the “tail wag the dog.”
    Congratulations on your success at being yourself. Stay that way!

  2. Mark Rennie says:

    Authenticity, talent, amazing voice & Spirit. You have it all, brother—- we are all praying for you☀️🙏🏻

  3. curt walstrom says:

    Young Man, your words and outlook are worth far more than gold. Continue on with your mission and know that millions are praying for you.

  4. K J says:

    I think your song struck such a nerve , I know it did with me. It’s a song , sung with such passion, about what everyday people go through, their struggles. I work 49 hours a week. My husband works 60 . He’s 67 and I’m 64 and we’re probably doing better than most.

  5. ACE says:

    We love you bro! You music is for the people that can relate and use the song to build strength. Keep living in the presence and keep making music that will help us build a better future. Thank you for sharing your passion with us… 🇺🇸

  6. Art Minds says:

    Embrace being at the top of the iTunes or Billboard charts for what it is: an indication of the number of people you are reaching, which you say is what’s important to you. Those charts are measuring the size of your audience, and it’s huge! Thank you for the messages in your songwriting. You’re doing divine work.

  7. Scott Woodfin says:

    Please DO NOT STOP. Keep Preaching brother!!! People need to hear the message.

  8. Melony A Brown says:

    Thank you for giving me a voice. I also am looking forward to going home with my “old soul”. See you in heaven my brother 🤗✝️☮️

  9. Diana Bates says:

    My wife and I are retired now. She was a teacher and I was a paramedic and a nurse. We struggled when we were young and now are trying to get by. After politicians from both sides of the aisle have screwed us to the wall. Your music has really made us proud of you. We live on the Mexican border and work to help feed the poor. Thank you for reminding us of Psalm 37! DL Bates

  10. Solo Lobo says:

    You’re a good man, talented and wise. You have a lot of support and people who respect what you’re doing, brother. Much love 🙌🙏

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