Ja Rule & Irv Gotti Talk The Murder Inc Story, Putting Ashanti On, DMX’s Death & More | Drink Champs

Ja Rule & Irv Gotti Talk The Murder Inc Story, Putting Ashanti On, DMX’s Death & More | Drink Champs

On a new #DrinkChamps, the legendary #MurderInc drops in to chop it up with N.O.R.E. & DJ EFN. We’re welcoming back the DC alumni #JaRule & #IrvGotti as they talk the official Murder Inc story, giving Ashanti her big break in the music industry, doing a Verzuz against Bad Boy & more.

Ja & Irv are taking us on a ride through hip hop history! Lots of great stories that you don’t want to miss!!

Make some noise for Ja Rule, Irv Gotti & Murder Inc!!! 💐💐💐🏆🏆🏆

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23 Responses

  1. James Ogbole says:

    The loyalty that exist between these two is undeniable.

  2. Ace J says:

    From beginning to end, this interview is worth every minute. Irv Gotti…your favorite storyteller’s favorite storyteller. And Ja Rule made an indelible imprint on the culture, for the culture. 2:58:10 “N.O.R.E., I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO RESPOND” 🤣😂

  3. K. Wright says:

    Long interview 😅 but friggin hilarious! I always liked the loyalty between Irv and Ja and They did so much for hip-hop- I’m here for the stories. 💐Drink Champs y’all did it again. 🙌🏾

  4. Pati says:

    6:30 Ashanti
    12:07 Ashanti Masters
    18:30 Irv 250 Million Deal
    22:03 Ja Icon Live Stream Platform
    25:50 Fat Joe and Ja Verzuz
    29:02 DMX and Ja comparison
    40:20 Lyor Cohen
    41:04 Dame Dash
    44:39 Irv Label deal
    46:06 JLO Elle Magazine Interview
    51:50 Irv Ashanti
    1:09:55 money laundering
    1:11:28 movie
    1:14:13 Flowers given
    1:16:00 Lloyd
    1:22:02 NAS
    1:22:35 LL Rock the Bells
    1:23:55 JA movies
    1:26:06 Irv apologize
    1:29:03 Ashanti
    1:30:46 Steven Francis comes in
    1:37:52 NBA Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson
    1:45:50 Drink Game
    2:00:00 Tales Present Movie
    2:12:52 Drink game continue
    Loss track Irv is fckup and all over the place🤣
    2:29:15 Def Jam
    2:37:33 continues drink game
    2:45:26 DMX passing Irv tweet
    2:55:25 Murder Incorporated
    3:02:11 Biggie and Pac
    3:06:15 Mic Geronimo

  5. Rome Makes says:

    Love seeing Gotti and Rule together still, legendary brotherhood. Most sheep lost in the sauce but real ones understand what Gotti accomplished.

  6. Bee Jay says:

    Love the relationship Irv Gotti and Ja Rule have maintained. They are family.

  7. Akeem Winston says:

    Is it just me or is Gotti one of the most captivating and honest interviewees we’ve ever seen? Whether he’s right or wrong, he’s giving it to u raw in the flesh. He has my respect because a lot of people will duck and dodge the hard questions. No only is he answering them, but he’s doing so unfiltered. U gotta love jt.

    P.S.- Shout out to Rule for being objective and bringing a different perspective of these situations. It gives this interview balance.

  8. Brandi B says:

    I love listening to Irv tell stories, he has a magnetic personality.

  9. Boccacio says:

    You can see Ja and Irv are being themselves and thats what allows for thei episodes to be dope af. NBA stories were dope af 😂

  10. Michael Tsegaye says:

    Nore and Efen this has to be one of the best once ..i was literally dying ..This is love ..This is hiphop!! aint shit wrong with Irv he just has no filter but a good heart !! Thanks for this Drink Champs! Stay Dangerous !!1!

    • Haddingtonian GCP says:

      Literally dying? Ok

    • Felicia the Creative says:

      @tamir sharif Thats called defamation. Why do you think that you can just make things up especially when he literally said he doesnt really drink or smoke and goes to bed by 9pm so that he can get up early and work?

    • sunnie day says:

      @tamir sharif You’re reaching. It’s all entertainment. He said during the interview he doesn’t really drink , but a lot of what he did was for the show and to help Nore continue to promote the show. Irv has been in the business for years, so he knows what it takes to bring in the ratings and give a good show.

    • tamir sharif says:

      True indeed Irv has no filter yet he also obviously have some serious drug addictions & alcoholism issues that he need to overcome. Irv is a drug addiction & a alcoholic who need sobriety, hopefully the people or one person in Irv’s life will try to get him the help that he so obviously need. Most of what i thought as i watch this whole Interview as it pertain to Irv is that this man Irv needs some serious help and some one should have either stop giving him weed and alcohol or should have took the weed and alcohol from him eventually.

    • Felicia the Creative says:


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