Jake Paul & Logan Paul on Double Victory (Boxing/WWE), KSI vs Tommy Fury, Fighting Dillon Danis: 390

Jake Paul & Logan Paul on Double Victory (Boxing/WWE), KSI vs Tommy Fury, Fighting Dillon Danis: 390

Fresh off a dominant win (7-1), Jake Paul joins the boys to discuss how he beat Nate Diaz, Conor McGregor sh*t-talking him, KSI’s FAKE fight Vs Tommy Fury, sparring Logan, Drake losing $250,000, PRIME getting banned from Jake’s fight, brothers therapy session, beating Canelo in 3 years, new Netflix documentary, facing Nate Diaz in MMA, why Logan is a better boxer than Jake, Logan Paul Vs Dillon Danis & more…

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0:00 Welcome Jake Paul! 💥
1:57 Conor McGregor Talking S**t 😤
5:45 Logan Vs Jake Paul Soon! 👀
7:45 Nate Diaz Fight Breakdown! 👊
20:27 Drake Loses $250k! 💰
21:53 KSI Vs Jake Paul! 😱
25:47 KSI Vs Tommy Fury! 😳
28:25 Why Logan Is A Better Boxer Than Jake! 😮
38:23 No PRIME Allowed?! 💦
49:01 Dana White, KSI & Enemies… 😡
53:30 Canelo VS Jake Paul 🥊
55:49 Netflix Documentary! 🎬
59:56 Logan Vs Ricochet SummerSlam! 🤯
1:02:56 Diaz VS Jake In MMA?!
1:10:21 Logan Got Into A Brawl? 💪
1:13:37 Dillon Danis Vs Logan Paul 🚨

Impaulsive is a significant break from the typical content viewers have come to expect from the vlog channel & we could not be more proud and excited to watch this unfold and grow. Please be advised that we will be exploring a wide variety of topics (some adult-themed) and our younger viewers (and their parents) should be advised that some topics will be for mature audiences only.

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51 Responses

  1. Brett Maverick says:

    Logan having a full blown meltdown cause he had to put the prime bottle down for 30 minutes at Jakes fight lol

    • Elliott Mullins says:

      Yep. The Prime marketing bonanza is pretty annoying at this point tbh. Dude couldn’t sit there in the crowd for an hour without a Prime glued to his hand without complaining about it. Why would a competing energy drink want any exposure at their event from a prominent celebrity, much less the main event’s brother—a part-owner of the competitor?

    • MrEgg says:

      @Elliott Mullins but what about salty jakey not wanting to promote the prime card on his stream, they are both on dazn, then why did salty jake specifically asked dazn not to promote the misfits event n his live stream when misfits allowed dazn to promote diaz event on their streams

    • wew says:

      @MrEgg jake event was sponsored by celsius drink bozo, isnt that obvious

    • Mayor of Hueco Mundo says:

      @MrEggJake literally explained it in the show, there was an opposing drink company sponsoring.

    • Skyler loggins says:

      @Mayor of Hueco Mundo that still doesn’t mean you should ban your own brother just because he has a product of your rival lol

  2. itsyourgirl_ says:

    Jake was 100% in the right in this conversation, Logan was trying so hard to belittle his brother’s achievements which is sad to witness.

  3. Erica Caldwell says:

    Logan is sooooo jealous of Jake it’s actually sick… he completely showed how he really feels

    • Dan says:

      Jake been dissing Logan for years for no reason. Logan could also beat up retired fighters smaller than him who are grapplers. Jake ain’t special

    • RandomGamesHD says:

      @Dan logan couldn’t even beat ksi twice lol

    • M T says:

      @RandomGamesHD Logan is a WWE star, sit tf down.

    • Malphas Mikaelson says:

      @Dan He’s the younger brother who had to see his older brother outshine him in everything they both did. Wrestling, Football, Vine, Youtube channel. All of it was in favor of Logan. Now that Jake is legit boxing for 5 years, 3 years of taking it serious while Logan is just casually training in boxing and Logan still wants to say he’s better than Jake? Even though everyone with eyes knows that Jake would beat Logan easily?

    • Leon Goodley says:

      Do you guys really not think that all this is just for show to slowly build to them fighting? 😂 come on be smart.

  4. Michael Osborne says:

    Mike needs to start his own podcast; impaulsive seems like it’s falling apart and Mike is having difficulty navigating Logan’s ego. Constantly being inturupted and shut down. It’s a shame because Mike carries the show on his shoulders a majority of the time

    • Michael Osborne says:

      Imagine arguing about this when the average person can’t bring a water bottle into the event

    • Shaman says:

      He said it might happen on Bradley’s pod

    • Dylan Espey says:

      Sadly, it wouldn’t be even close to the size of Impaulsive and would take years to come close. Not exactly sure Mike would be willing to leave his “brother” due to him having an ego. Should be interesting to see where everyone is at in a year from now.

    • Darryl Ridges says:

      pull up Jay Fly Red – Will You Remember in the search tab on this network

  5. Eren Baltaoglu says:

    Jake is 100% right throughout the entire podcast

  6. ness says:

    it’s scary how much more emotionally intelligent jake has become over the years. i can’t believe i’m saying this but i’m so proud of him. this is what boxing did for me, as it did for him. best sport in the world.

  7. James McFarland says:

    Jake was right about everything. Nobody thinks Logan is a better boxer lol I’m not really a fan of either, but you cannot deny what Jake has done or how hard he is working on his craft

    • Not Me says:

      Tbh I think Logan has the potential the be a much cleaner and crisper boxer, but seriously lacks aggression to to put people away

    • CGpnc 818 says:

      What has he done beat old men?

    • MunnyBunny says:

      @Not Me i dont really agree, jake is already pretty clean and crisp boxer. logan can look a little wild in the ring when we saw him fight

    • MunnyBunny says:

      but he has great potential to be a great heavy hitting boxer

    • Not Me says:

      @MunnyBunny I’m more so looking at overall potential. Jake has had a fair view fights now, think if Logan had that amount he would be further ahead in development. Even just that fight the last day, Jake didn’t make use of a jab at all, it’s not really a great sign, Diaz was able to walk him down easily at times and get inside

  8. Dositej Stojković says:

    From this episode you can tell that Logan is surrounded by people who don’t challenge his absurd opinions, a bunch of yes men. They’re all aware of his fragile ego

  9. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    39:34 Logan telling mike to chill for trying to calm him down shows how bad of a friend he truly is. We all thought mike was the snake friend but its pretty evident here that Logan is the bad friend incapable of compromising and dropping his ego.

    • ZG says:

      You have something here. Didn’t like that either BUT there was some heat going on

    • Aden Brink says:

      I agree completely. The way Logan responded to Mike’s attempt to calm him down does highlight some concerning aspects of their friendship. It seems like Logan struggled with compromising and letting go of his ego in that situation. It’s interesting how our initial perceptions of who might be the “snake friend” can sometimes shift based on actual interactions.

    • Tcbca says:

      Bro copy and pasted my comment word for word and got more likes lol

    • AyyJayBtw says:

      @Tcbcaprobably beacuse of the pfp

    • Boxing Goats says:

      Nah I loved Logan saying that Mike talks too much in every podcast 🤣

  10. Mia Perez Diaz says:

    Logan tried to ‘little bro’ Jake the whole podcast, not even Jake’s biggest fan but was hard to watch. What he’s achieved in the influencer boxing scene is insane and his emotional development is commendable. Mike wanted to check Logan so many times but you can see the hesitancy.

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