Jeannie Mai | Sherri Shepherd

Jeannie Mai | Sherri Shepherd

Jeannie Mai sits down with Sherri to talk about her new CBS game show, Raid the Cage.

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51 Responses

  1. In Myopinion says:

    I love Jeannie! She’s a strong resilient woman and God has her back. This too shall pass.

  2. Vickie McBride says:

    I really like Jeannie Mai. Her vibe is saying I am going to be strong for my daughter.

    • BB Girl says:

      Yes agree n she is a strong intelligent independent woman an a survivor that is not gunna let this divorce tear her down She will be ok n is teaching her lil girl the same thing.

    • Kristen Nicole says:

      She needs to be strong for herself! And Coco will pick that up from her. She has to put on her oxygen mask first! But she got Coco though!

    • Ed G says:

      Strong is a masculine quality and that’s Jeannie’s problem . Jeezy realized he had married a masculine strong woman so he hit the road . She played submissive until she got what she wanted, a mixed race child . Then the power struggle between Jeanie and Jeezy began . Jeez said ,Im out ,see ya !

    • Daydreamer says:

      @Ed Gshe has to be strong. She has no choice in that. He left her, she’s in pain. What would you want her to be? Be weak and fall apart, become depressed, start drinking etc? Men sometimes have to show feminine qualities, and women sometimes have no choice but to be strong and show some of more “masculine” qualities. We all would have been weak and soft if could afford to do so. But life throws different circumstances at people. Too bad you can not see her pain and feel compassion for her and instead go on about popular cliches.

  3. Heather C. says:

    I give her props for coming on this show early when this story just broke on her divorce n facing it ahead on, that’s strength n confidence every woman needs to stand in it n face it head on. Good for her! God made us women mentally stronger for a reason!

  4. Tamera Gray says:

    You can tell that Jeannie Mai is fighting back tears. You can see it in her face that this is hard for her. I pray that everything works out for both of them and whatever decision they choose to make. To all my ladies around the world remember just because your crown gets knocked off does not mean you’re no longer a queen. Pick it up dust yourself off and continue on your journey to do great things. ❤❤❤🙌🏾

  5. TruthBeTold says:

    Imagine having this interview already planned and pre-scheduled over a month ago before your husband blind-sided you and filed for a divorce, and caused you to be completely heartbroken, embarrassed, and devastated, but you still had to go to this interview and put on a brave face? You can see and hear the hurt and pain on her face and voice. Sure this would have been a totally different interview but for the divorce filing, where she would have bragged heavily about her husband, her baby, and then her husband again. Poor Jeannie, I really feel sorry her. No matter what the reason is that he wanted out of the marriage, the way in which he did it was extremely mean-spirited and ruthless. She should run and never look back.

  6. Laure K. says:

    Once she started speaking about her daughter her whole body glowed up

    • BB Girl says:

      That’s the only good thing he did was make Monacco Jeanie has someone to Love n that will Love her back. She’s lucky she had a reason to divorce him.

  7. londongirle3 says:

    Sherri, you handled this perfectly. I could see a few times Jeannie was about to cry and you lifted her up. Thank you, Sherri x

    • layibelula says:

      My girl Sherri had been there. She knows how hard a divorce is. I love this interview.

    • Mandy S says:

      Yes!! Jeannie was holding back those tears talking about her divorce but when Sherri shifted talk to Monaco Jeannie lit up! Monaco really is her will to live right now, her motivation.

    • BB Girl says:

      Yes he’s not worth it anyway. Once the betrayal wears off she will be strong and will get over him. She’s been thru a divorce before But she got something out of this marriage n divorce Monaco was the only thing he did right !

    • Allie Chambers says:

      Sherri thank you you did it girl that interview was 💯🙏 it broke my heart to see her .But you showed her she is not alone n true members like you GOT HER BACK . 🙏💯

  8. Donna says:

    All I can say is I commend her 1000% for doing a press run at a time like this. It’s the worst to have your heart bleeding and have to go and work and talk about your heart bleeding. Wishing them both the very best.

  9. Becca STAR says:

    I see her pain. I’ve been there. Praying for her peace.

  10. Sandra says:

    Sherri is so gracious! I love how she handled this situation with Jeannie. I’m praying for Jeannie ❤❤

    • kay Jack says:

      Agree. I am sure Jeannie knew she would be safe with Sherri which is amazing

    • Phatashie Entertainment says:

      I’m sure Jeanie is selective with who she wants to interview with right now… and we can see she feels comfy with Sherri…. love it

    • Kay Mcleod says:

      @Phatashie Entertainment Exactly.

    • Jen is blessed says:

      She would have been more gracious by not bringing it up. Let the woman go through it without everyone needing to hear about it everywhere she goes. Talk about her show and that’s it. Not here to promote a divorce but a show.

    • Avenj says:

      It’s not realistic to ask a major talk show host to ignore the most important thing happening in her guests life. Sherri you’re great and you handled it with grace and love

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