Kendrick’s New Song F’d Me Up

Kendrick’s New Song F’d Me Up

The Heart Part 5:



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  1. Bandstand says:

    Kendrick is so important, he’s able to make those who usually post meme comments give us well thought out praise & intellectual insights. incredible

  2. 55sombreroman says:

    This review is a good sign for the upcoming album review. Excited for Anthony to give it a 6!

  3. Brad Taste In Music says:

    Oh thanks for clarifying that it was Kendrick. I was unsure if you were crying to that or the new Jack Harlow single

  4. TheAndrewj96 says:

    Great analysis of an incredible comeback track. However, I will point out something important that got overlooked: The third verse was actually from the perspective of Nipsey. It wasn’t about Kendrick’s hypothetical death. The line “Sam, I’ll be watchin’ over you” helps to confirm this; it refers to Nipsey’s older brother.
    Just thought I’d shed some light on that.

  5. Tariq Thomas says:

    I love that an artist of Kendrick’s caliber and influence is calling for compassion and empathy.

    It means so much, especially for a world that feels so doomed half of the time.

    • Squatch Josh says:

      @Geekylove 360 I already made the point that others weren’t doing as good a job of it in my comment lol

    • Geekylove 360 says:

      @Squatch Josh
      Name me 3 – 5 other big mainstream artist calling for compassion whilst NOT talking smack about women and drugs and violence. I’ll wait…

    • DevonEwyMusic says:

      @Ridel Andino I feel like many here would say empathy for all

      And then the list would start getting shorter “actually except for pedophiles, bankers, politicians, police, parents, partners, people in the streets” and that alone demonstrates how quick we are to turn on our own desires and even potential to leave this world better than we found it.

      It’s why people say “this is why we can’t have nice things” because any chance we get to nitpick and actually tear something apart, we do it. That’s why we all have the ability to be sociopaths, and horrible, manipulative and leave others writhing in nothing but pain in trauma. But we don’t. Cause love does overpower in the end, I do truly believe love thrives. It has more of a natural balance than anger. There’s a reason people describe their anger like a fuse, and we know a fuse doesn’t burn forever.

    • DevonEwyMusic says:

      @SSH point still stands. I feel like it even stands stronger being that Nipsey is gone, cause he couldn’t actually be here to deliver that message. But that message can be delivered vicariously through Kendrick. Accept it with an open mind and heart

      This is love. This whole video is love. A peculiar way of saying love yes, but it’s ever so valid.

    • DevonEwyMusic says:

      Empathy for Ye

      I want this to be a thing. mental health is so important and I think everyone deserves the right to good mental health just like abortion rights. Not to say Ye doesn’t have the means to get that, but there’s a larger message we need to take from Ye struggling. He’s at that point where it’s not a question about whether or not he wants help, he needs it. And has my empathy and always will.

      Empathy for everyone. Empathy for the people who destroy us. Empathy for OJ? Empathy for will smith? He slapped someone on TV, it’s NOT the worst thing. All we need to do is just…try to understand each other.

      Can we all get behind that?

  6. Ari Grey says:

    Listened so many times. last verse made me cry and I have not felt so much from a song in a while. Kendrick is once again reminding us that good art doesn’t come out at lightning speed with a constant schedule and that there is a lot to gain from taking your time.

    • Indescribably Stasii says:

      @Blonded Helmet he didnt take five years to make an album he took time to heal cause alot of his friends were dying from gang violence. On the song u from damn he was crying because his best friend who is in prison told him to watch over his brother and when kdot was on tour the brother he was suppose to watch was murdered along with three other friends. He was upset that he is trying to make music to change his inner circles lifes but only helps those who didn’t grow up how he did.

    • Indescribably Stasii says:

      @Hanad Ali that is your perspective. Some of us are emotionally attached to La staples so when they died suddenly we were devastated Kendrick rapping from nips point of view was powerful and Heart felt to those of us that understood nip to be a positive person and for him to be killed by someone in his own set was crazy. Street culture terrible

    • Hanad Ali says:

      It’s not that good

    • Blonded Helmet says:

      or you can drop something in lighting speed and it can still be good

    • Alpha Lax says:

      @justin ratio god actually based

  7. 4zarias says:

    I can’t even make a joke. This shit was truly fantastic.

  8. Sky says:

    I don’t think the third verse was meant to be from Kendrick’s perspective. With the opening quote, it really feels like this album is going to be about Kendrick trying to approach different topics from other people’s perspectives, and I think that the part was supposed to be from Nipsey’s perspective, especially with the drums cutting out maybe representing the lack of a heartbeat.

    • Anyssa Moya says:

      I never made the connection of the drums cutting out and heartbeat stopping, that’s a cool take

      Do you guys remember that leaked track about a year or two ago where Kendrick raps from perspectives of “things”?? IIRC he mentions the Jackson Five song ABC and MLK’s “I Had A Dream” speech, and raps from the POV of the song and speech themselves. I think the concept of multiple persepctives is almost for sure going to be a cornerstone of this next album

    • Tu Pimp A Caterpillar says:

      Sounds like he’s reviewing the just track itself not so much the visuals

    • jamesvjcs says:

      @justin ratio god “🤡” – 🤓” – 🤓

    • Random58 says:

      What Kendrick does in the heart series rarely ever translates directly into the content of his albums that follow

  9. Sleep says:

    I won’t post a meme here. Kendrick returning to hip hop like this is one of the most potent statements I’ve seen in years. It’s astounding. So nice to know he hasn’t lost his touch. Just such an amazing piece of hip hop.

  10. Lukas says:

    Kendrick is proof that you can succeed and reach mainstream appeal without selling out or losing your political perspective

    • Derek Madden says:

      @Lukas what are you talking about Humble was a pivotal piece in the message of that album

    • Wayne Smith says:

      Kanye also proved that. He’s in many songs since the beginning talked about issues and his own personal politics. He’s talk about plenty of black issues. Just look at some parts of through the wire, black skin head and new slaves. No more parties in LA.

    • PlayStation Japan says:

      guys i think kendrick is gonna come out the closet as GAY

    • OX XY says:

      @Lukas I thought we were talking mainly about political beliefs. I would totally agree that the words he uses are very powerful and cut deep for describing the message he does. I just dont think that makes the message itself any more deep or well thought out. Two very different things. And I gotta disagree. I feel like most large figures are actually pressured to have pretty fucking extreme opinions on everything to BE polished nowadays. Like if an interviewer is asking you about what you think on the trans sports stuff, if you say you dont know, or you say more research should be done, you will probably lose a fuckton of fans.

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