KSI feat. Oliver Tree – Voices (Official Video)

KSI feat. Oliver Tree – Voices (Official Video)

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Directed & Written by Oliver Tree


Executive Producer – Oliver Tree (Alien Boy Films)
Executive Producer – Alexa Haywood (JUST FRED)
Executive Producer – Fred Bonham Carter (JUST FRED)
Producer – Andrew Rawson (JUST FRED)
Producer – Paul Donatelli (Alien Boy Films)

1st AD – Jack Fontaine
2nd AD – Mike Moore

DOP – Pieter Synman
Focus Puller – Josh Tue
2nd AC – Emily Mcney
Camera Trainee – Ni Ferreira
Steadicam Op – Gary Kent

Production Manager – Zoe Gunn
Production Assistant – Scout De Wynter

Gaffer – James Duffy
Spark – Dylan Rogers
Spark – Misha Omelzuk
Spark – Tom Williams

Grip – Bobby Brown
Grip Assist – ℅ Bobby Brown

Prod Designer – Sabrina Linder
Art Dept Assistant – Blue Borley
Buyer – Suzanne French
Props Master – Sean Robinson
Food Stylist – Marie Angela Pierre
Trainee – Satdeep Grewal

Artist Hair Stylist – Shamara Roper
Artist Makeup Artist – Marie Reitner
Artist Stylist – Oliver Tree
Artist Stylist – Luci Ellis

Cast HMU – Shani Mushington
Cast HMU Assist – Elena Broccoli
Cast HMU Assist – Amie Harfield

Cast Wardrobe – Sereeta Venkanah
Wardrobe Assist – Zainub Agoro
Wardrobe Assist – Grace Omondi

Editor – Sam Allen

Colourist – Thomas Mangham
Post Producer – Jade Denne
Post co. – Black Kite
Previz Editor – Steve Zilberman

VFX Lead – @greezus.christ
VFX – @hwangproduction
VFX – @bbyjodo
VFX – @jakobthorhallsson

AD Runner – Eve Perry
Runner – Tom Chesterman
Runner – Tara Duross
Runner – Mia Henderon
Bowlcut Mullet Supervisor – Paul Donatelli

Fiancé – @ChunkzEast
Leading Lady – TABITHA GREEN
Man in White – NATHAN AKA DAD

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30 Responses

  1. Oliver Tree says:

    I can’t believe I actually got you to wear the marge simpson hair lmao

  2. Angela White says:

    I definitely appreciate how much KSI has grown with his music. So many different types of vibes and messages. Always keeping things fresh.

  3. SIᎠMN ƒαn 🅥 says:

    It’s so unimaginable to think jj has progressed so much in the music industry and setting bars up high.. 💜.. Keep up the good work mate..

  4. Venture Pictures says:

    so damn proud of JJ man. You cant say he’s not put in the graft. He deserves this success.

  5. Dee J silvosa says:

    This is great love it this is definitely going to be a chart topper easy two of the publics biggest names right now and that song is hard this will fly up the charts no doubt about it

  6. Manhal_IQ_ says:


  7. Leopard Gecko says:

    I did not realise I needed this today 😅

  8. Harry Buttwart says:

    Oliver has come so far with music, always has deep lyrics and great hilarious visuals. keep it up 🤘dig this laid back heartbroken vibe

  9. meh says:

    If I heard this in the radio, I wouldn’t of guessed it was KSI. I have to give him props, I am not a huge fan of his music but this is great. Oliver Tree is everywhere at the moment.

  10. Psych Jam MGMT says:

    Such a unique sound to you man, keep killin it.

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