Lofi Girl – Snowman

Lofi Girl – Snowman

🎵 Music : WYS – Snowman

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→ https://fanlink.to/SnowMan

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🎵 Music by WYS
→ https://spoti.fi/40LSSeM
→ https://bit.ly/3R0kLfF

🎬 Project Management
Director and Screenwriter : Stanislas Somoguy
Assistant Director : Carole Edel
Animation Studio Director : María Buitrago Vicente

🎨 Illustration & Animation by Sunshine Animation Studio
→ https://bit.ly/47D57wt
María Buitrago Vicente
S. Deek
Lucia Benavente Molinero
Juan Álvarez Carrasco
Sara Lozoya Sevilla
Alicia Sánchez Villar
Iván Carmona Marín
Íñigo Álvarez Aguado
Guillermo G. Fidalgo
Roberto Zurdo Villas

✔️ | This music is free to use for your videos/livestreams
→ https://bit.ly/lofigirl-usethemusic

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23 Responses

  1. Iker Unzu says:

    I love this. The animation in the snow is absolutely beautiful.

  2. Stingo Animation says:

    loved it so much ❤❤

  3. Swam0811 says:

    The animation is stunning. Huge props to the artist.

    • Tofinochris says:

      And it’s promo animation for a lofi channel. It’s amazing. Or is the lofi channel promo for this? Or are we just lucky?

  4. forest faun says:

    This song has brought me down to earth so many times over the last few years when I have needed it to. Thank you for curating this space, and for continuing to let it grow and evolve in a way that everyone can share ❤❤❤

  5. CutiePieBio says:

    I’m not crying… you are 😭

    I loved this so much! It has absolutely every reason being this beautiful! Thank you Lofi Girl Team for bringing this early Christmas present to all of us Lofi lovers!

  6. Abrahams says:

    Every frame is like an amazing picture, the team really outdid themselves this time, they should be proud of this

  7. the bootleg boy says:

    the lofi girl universe is evolving ❄

  8. TheFanBoy says:

    From a Chilled Cow, to a precursor of promoting an obscure musical style subtrend, to becoming _the face_ and _the symbol_ of the word “Lofi”… This channel has come a very long way; now with its own lore…

    Gotta thank the person taking care of it, whomever you are at the other side of the internet. Thank you for simply wanting other netizens to have a good time in the first place.

  9. Danja says:

    Я никогда не забуду её. Как она меня мотивировала делать домашку. И поддерживала в трудные минуты. И как получать частицу радости, детства.

    • Merry May says:

      Aw, I listened doing adult vocational school studying/homework. I hope they still play lofi girl lives. 🩷✨️

  10. Suicide Mnk3y says:

    I’ve been waiting for something like this for years. I’ve always looked at Lofi girl in her lonely study and been curious about her. Every new video has broadened my understanding just a little bit, and I’ve always enjoyed seeing more of her seemingly cozy and peaceful life. How long has she been there, why is she alone, what is she writing, and why is she so diligent in her study? These questions have always bubbled in my head, and strangely enough I’ve never been bothered by the lack of answers. I’ve always found peace in the distraction of just wondering what could be.
    Over the years lofi girl has become something of a friend and a confidant, like an imaginary friend that I never grew out of. As someone who struggles greatly with communicating with people, I’ve often used her as practice, saying things out loud to see if they sound right. I still sound sarcastic when I don’t mean to, but “c’est la vie”. Anyway what I’m trying to get to through my rambling, is that I am very happy to see her world expand. I’m looking forward to seeing what else there is to learn.
    You will always be ChilledCow to me, and I will always be grateful for your channel and music. You will never know how much a simple animation and some mellow music has helped me through the years. Thank you.

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