Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Booster Course Pass Wave 6 – Course Overview

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Booster Course Pass Wave 6 – Course Overview

Head to the starting line, Wave 6 is almost here! Eight additional courses and four new characters come to the final Wave of the #MarioKart 8 Deluxe – Booster Course Pass on 11/9.

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46 Responses

  1. Novum says:

    It was a nice Mario Kart journey. While it definitely isn’t the end, it’s cool to see how far the series has come

  2. zedNeon says:

    It’s too bad that Toad’s Factory never made it back. For such an amazing and unique course, it really is strange that it didn’t come back. Maybe one day…

  3. LilyBlue53 💜 VTuber says:

    DK Mountain was my most wanted course, I’m so happy it made it in! Crazy that the DLC is over just like that, kinda felt like it would go on forever

    • sonicgalaxy27 says:

      Its really amazing to see Rosalina Ice World and DK mountain makes a return. I’m so happy now.😊

    • JEpic 766 says:

      Same! I needed DK Mountain. I got both of my all time favorite tracks in this DLC which were DK Mountain and DK Summit. Literally can’t believe it

    • William Latham says:

      For me I wish they had went with airship fortress and ds bowsers castle instead of snes bowsers castle and dk mountain

    • Shaun Graham says:

      You and me both mate. I spent all that time begging for the courts to appear because in my opinion I found that course really enjoyable.🙂👍

    • The Stupid Seal 🦭 says:

      There are 170 original tracks across the series… MK8 has 96… 74 tracks remain.

      While I don’t think MK8 will add anymore DLC tracks (maybe DLC Costumes and Characters) I think the next Mario Kart game will add all the tracks in MK8… and then just finish off all the retros

  4. Coyote Prime323 says:

    Something I want next game is to be able to make playlists of tracks, so you can have your own cups that you can select and have a list of tracks you chose ready to play

  5. Peter Reed says:

    Honestly the fact we have Wii Rainbow Road and DK Mountain means this is now officially my favourite Mario Kart game ever. Those two tracks were my favourites growing up, long may they continue!

  6. Neon_Wolf says:

    because of the loss of toad factory, id hope to say they might put it in the next mario kart game. regardless, these had to be the best possible picks for the end of the booster course pass. what a wild ride it has been, and i cant wait to play on these amazing looking tracks.

  7. J.Corby Gaming says:

    I was not expecting Rosalina’s Ice World, Cool! Also what a great final set of tracks!

  8. Dot Point Period says:

    I feel a different mix of emotions from this. On one hand I am happy the journey is over. We finally have all tracks and characters and can have the full booster course experience. On the other hand I’m not ready for the journey to end yet, there is still so much more I want to do and see but I know it isn’t possible. Overall I have loved the BCP and I cant wait to see what’s in store for the future of Mario Kart

    Here there are some final surprises like Rosalina’s Ice World, and I really love Pauline’s and Peachette’s alternative outfits and how they are similar but different to the 3 princesses.

    One thing I am surprised we never got was new kart, wheel, or glider parts but it’s not that big of a deal that they got skipped over.

    This Journey was amazing and I can’t wait to see what the next Mario Kart has in store for its roster, karts, tracks, and more. Or a 8 Deluxe BCP pt. 2 💀🤭 but joking aside it was a blast

    • sonicgalaxy27 says:

      Its really amazing to see Rosalina Ice World and DK mountain makes a return. I’m so happy now. This Mario Kart game has been a amazing journey. Would be nice if all the female characters have different variant theme outfits in this game

    • Coconation⚡ says:

      I love Rosalina’s Ice world

  9. ScottBrown P1 says:

    DK Mountain is my favorite stage in Double Dash, and I’m so happy to see both Daisy Circuit and Rainbow Road from the Wii make a return!

    • Zack Master says:

      Mine is Dino Dino Jungle, but DK Mountain is 2nd, so, I’m happy either way, I wasn’t expecting Rosalina’s Ice World, thank god they finally added that one, I was so dissapointed when they skipped in Last Year’s Last Wave!!!

  10. Jon says:

    Kinda hoped Wario Coliseum was going to be one of the returning courses, but I can’t complain about the ones they did choose! So happy for those who got the tracks and characters they wanted

    • lol says:

      that track wasn’t in Tour.

    • Noah Redlawsk says:

      ​@lolhave literally all the new levels been from tour? If so that feels kinda lazy ngl

    • Rift Comix says:

      @Noah Redlawskif tour didn’t exist the BCP wouldn’t exist

    • lol says:

      @Noah Redlawsk I wouldn’t really call it “lazy” because it’s far more optimal to import 48 tracks from Tour and Spruce them up than making 48 tracks from the ground up. If they made 48 tracks from the ground up, it would’ve taken 3 years for the Booster course pass to finish.

    • Noah Redlawsk says:

      @lol-ih1tl  feels like they weren’t making as much as money as they thought they would off Tour so they found some way to do damage control

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