MAX REACTS: Mortal Kombat 1 Roster Reveal & Umgadi Trailer

MAX REACTS: Mortal Kombat 1 Roster Reveal & Umgadi Trailer

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Max reacts to the latest trailers from Mortal Kombat 1, showcasing some returning characters like Baraka and Tanya, as well as the DLC characters that include Homelander, Omniman, and Peacemaker!

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50 Responses

  1. Slipstreamz says:

    The fact that we actually got Omni-Man in a Mortal Kombat game is literally perfect. He looks like an Injustice character but with Mortal Kombat violence…

    • travis Rm says:

      Omni man is perfect because he is the “NO MORAL KOMBAT”

    • ChaoticStarFish says:

      And then we got Homelander right behind him. Kinda weird that there are 2 “Evil Supermen” in the same Pack, but I’m excited for it.

    • Samuel Wolch says:

      @ChaoticStarFishcould be remedied if they have Omni Man’s fatality be a reference to his kill in his Death Battle with Homelander

    • TwoKool115 says:

      I’m willing to bet Invincible himself will be in Injustice 3

    • Jay J says:

      @ChaoticStarFishthey’ll figure it out.Omni man could be a rushdown brawler type and homelander can be a zoner

  2. A Little Bird says:

    I hope that the way they make Homelander and Omniman play differently is that Omniman is 100% oppressive rushdown, and Homelander is a zoner, relying primarily on his laser eyes to carry him. Seems thematically accurate for both of them.

  3. fat ditto says:

    I’m so disappointed Ermac’s not getting his MK11 model, it’s literally the best he’s ever looked

  4. Richie says:

    The first line up of Kombat Pack looks absolutely Incredible. But I wasn’t expecting to see Takeda return. Hope they got John Cena to voice Peacemaker.

  5. Saikmoe says:

    The zoom-ins on Max during the fatalities is so fucking hilarious. Having already seen the trailer, watching his reactions with just the sound and light flashing on his face is comedy gold.

    • Xeerak agha says:

      I was about to comment the same thing, it’s hilarious to see his reactions and the bright light just flashing in and out

  6. haysan32 says:

    I’m surprised at how excited everyone is for Takeda. I’ve always been a huge fan of his design and gameplay, and he was my main in MKX as well. I didn’t realize he was such a fan favorite character. One of the few post-MK9 characters they did justice alongside Geras and Kotal (for the most part lol)

    • RicochetForce says:

      Oh, he’s easily the most popular of the Kombat Kids. I think Cassie is next after him.

    • Papa Milfz says:

      @RicochetForcehonestly I like all of them. I hope to see jacqui and Kung Jin appear

    • PeanutteButte says:

      just replying to this comment so everyone can see it, but was that motaro or goro at the beginning banging those drums?. Also Takeda looks insane with his look, interesting what his “backstory” or how he got there will be bc the Shirai Ryu haven’t been created yet and Kenshi hasn’t had any children yet. So interesting to see how his interactions with others will be as well.

  7. Driblex says:

    The model for Omniman is actually perfect. Such a good 3d model, based on a cartoon look. Majestic mustache!

    • Danny Ortega says:

      Now let’s see it in motion lmao

    • flashergoldpower15 says:

      I can’t wait to see him and homelander in motion! I want their combo string is be fucking beautiful.

    • Kingdom Come Superman says:

      Only thing I don’t like is the protruding logo but otherwise good, hope they don’t limit him to just the show and gives us skins of his older prisoner costume.

    • ColonelCarnage says:

      Worst kombat pack yet

    • b.mxmezz says:

      @ColonelCarnagehy bc lemme guess “no women😢😢😢😢😿😿😿😭😭😭😭🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈”

  8. checkm8 says:

    Seeing Li Mei come back as a fighter was actually kinda cool, design wise she’s a bit boring but nonetheless it was still cool to see her back outside of cameos. Kinda makes me wonder if they’re gonna bring any other 3D fighters back. Darrius is there as a kameo, but two fighters I would like to see are Havik and Hotaru. I always thought Hotaru looked pretty cool and I wouldn’t mind seeing him make a return. Hopefully in some sort of armor. Even as just a kameo would be neat too

    • Paul Gibbon says:

      My own fingers-crossed is for Ashrah. Simple and effective backstory, very cool look and fighting style, and could open up a Netherrealm story arc beyond “that place Quan Chi and Scorpion come from”.

    • Cay V says:

      Reiko is already leaked. You can also find video of him on yt.

    • RicochetForce says:

      Major Spoilers ahead:

      The leaked roster that came out a while back had Reiko, Li Mei, Smoke, GENERAL Shao, etc… and it’s been dead on so far. That roster also had characters like Ashrah, Nitara and Havik. A special note about the last one is that apparently someone in the story mode BECOMES Havik by the end of the game. Seeing that they’re brought back Darrius, Motaro, and Khamelon means almost nothing is off the table.

    • Heart Star says:

      They teased Smoke vs Nitara at the comic con

    • TheTriangle444 says:

      Reiko (already shown) Nitara, Onaga, Havik will be in soon. Leaks are accurate as hell

  9. Golden Oreo says:

    My god is it ever a great year to be a fighting game! Street Fighter 6, Tekken 8 and a Mortal Kombat game all in one year? Absolutely fantastic

  10. _ D says:

    Highly recommend people who don’t know Omni-Man to look up his most brutal clips to understand how easy it was for him to make it in the game lol…..

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