Migos Came Together For Legendary Reunion Performance Honoring Takeoff ONLY On BET! | BET Awards ’23

Migos Came Together For Legendary Reunion Performance Honoring Takeoff ONLY On BET! | BET Awards ’23

Watch the historic Migos reunion performance celebrating Takeoff & their hits ONLY on the 2023 BET Awards stage! #BET #BETAwards #CulturesBiggestNight #BETAwards23 #BETHipHop50

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34 Responses

  1. Darryl Mayes says:

    Long live Take🔥🔥 This was amazing 🙏🏾💪🏾

  2. nick white says:

    I couldn’t help but shed a few. Wow. We never thought we’d see these guys come together to throw down on the stage again. The fact that they did this for Takeoff…just amazing. 😭🖤

    • Tyrese Ellis says:

      U not alone on that. TakeOff looking down and smiling at his family and glad that they came together

    • Ann Wilson says:

      Plus 50 years of hip hop; two perfect reasons!

    • Julian Salazar says:

      It’s called a paycheck

    • Ann Wilson says:

      @Julian Salazar They’ve been passing up “pay checks” for years!

    • p$$pin them thangs says:

      Pay checks yeah you right about that, but to me that shh weak as hell, they look weak letting them ninjas get away for what they did to take off and that group will never be the same to me, need to leave that gangsta talk alone, aint nobody believing that tough talk no more well I know I aint, letting j prince punk them boys down like that, smh

  3. Alveroni Mendes says:

    Since “let’s get it” came in I felt shivers all over my body. 🔥
    Now that’s CULTURE!

  4. Brittany Chriepto says:

    The energy, the love you felt watching this performance was incredible. It brought tears to my eyes this was epic. Fact they came together shows alot, Takeoff is smiling down at them. ❤❤❤

  5. chapolin.sp.011 says:

    Fico feliz 2 juntos os cara tem um sintonia foda família em primeiro lugar. 🙏🙏🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🚀🚀🚀

  6. Elaine Beck says:

    I’m a 61 year old woman who don’t even like rap music but this performance brought tears to my eyes! God Bless and comfort Take-off’s family and fans….. RIP Take-off, you are loved by your Boyz!

  7. Porsha444 says:

    I was holding back tears while smiling the whole performance. Im so happy they were able to do that for Take!❤

  8. alexSIS says:

    The cheers and screaming from the crowd brought me chills too! It was so unexpected for everyone but I’m so glad it happened! ❤️

  9. Couki1 says:

    Love how they leave that space in the middle of them for him. This was a great tribute.

  10. Anisha Pope says:

    They are definitely better together than apart. Their energy feeds off one another. That group was glued together perfectly. They can’t shine properly without the other because the chemistry was a group effort. They went well together and it showed on that stage. This was amazing! Offset is a true performer and a great dancer. You can tell he is a big Mike Jackson fan. I love how he embraces that in his performances & style.

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