mike tyson is obsessed with pigeons??

mike tyson is obsessed with pigeons??

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  1. ScarletFeather says:

    Pigeons are actually one of the only bird species classed as domesticated (besides poultry and some others)–that’s why they’re called feral pigeons instead of wild pigeons, and can only really survive in cities and not in the wild. Not even parrots are considered domesticated as a species. That’s why it’s so sad that pigeons are treated like they are and seen as pests instead of the companions they were for centuries. They’re incredibly smart, loyal, and kind. I’d like to adopt one some day, but I already have a rescue parrot, so I’m not sure if they could be compatible (especially in terms of spreading diseases to each other).
    I’m glad Danny made this video and didn’t shit on pigeons/owning pigeons as a whole (just raising some justifiable concerns about how Mike Tyson may do it).

    • Ella Biddy says:

      I’m a little concerned about Mike Tyson’s pigeons because he definitely has way too many if diseases regularly come through, cause that’s one of the things that reduce populations when they reach carrying capacity. It doesn’t seem like he really knows what he’s doing

    • Lilly Parr says:

      I grew upp with a pet pigeon her name was bee and she actually hatched my cockateil i think theyr greatxpetsxi recommend them greatly she was so social and smart she truly was one of the friendliest birds id ever seen

    • Eff bar says:

      ​@Panda Pantz the birds aren’t hurt by that. You know how nurses handle babies very loosely it’s because they know very well what will and won’t hurt.

    • Eff bar says:

      ​@Panda Pantz that’s not rough it just how you have to handle them

  2. SleepyPigeon says:

    Pigeons are much more intelligent than we give them credit for! They can recognize themselves in the mirror and even in some pictures and videos, can do basic math to the same level as some primates, and remember faces. In fact, their visual memory is much better than a humans, and they can remember specific images for years. I have two pigeons of my own, and they’re incredibly lovely. They enjoy watching tv and playing with bells. 🙂

  3. tonald drump says:

    This documentary on Danny talking about pigeons was truly heartwarming. I loved how Danny talked about how Mike Tyson likes pigeons and how Mike wanted to possess the pigeons. I also liked that Danny wore a gray hoodie and a blue shirt in the video, resembling the feathers of some species of pigeons. I enjoyed the part of this documentary when Danny said he used to collect Pokémon cards. That part was truly relatable because I too used to collect jeans. This documentary also made me shed a tear. It was very heartwarming when that pigeon had Danny at gunpoint at 6:53. I rate this beautiful documentary 10/10. Truly amazing documentary, Danny. 👏👏

    • K M S says:

      The rating 10/10 part feels like it is

    • AspiringSheepHerder says:

      You know, I read this before watching and thought it was a shitpost
      I don’t know how to feel knowing it’s not

    • Crazy Owl Girl CNCOwner says:

      ​@FallingPixie Hello, FallingPixie. I really enjoyed reading your comment. You make a great point that this comment resembles the construction of a post intended for a college discussion board. I believe it really adds to the video. I look forward to see you opinions for the remainder of the video.

    • Tori West says:

      ​@FallingPixie I agree! I felt the same way about your comment. So relatable, maybe too relatable. In conclusion, maybe your comment was a little too vague.

    • Kristi Caballero says:

      Is this AI or did your teacher assign a summary

  4. Madelyne D says:

    Pigeons are my favorite creatures! They are incredibly smart and have the capacity to bond deeply with other animals and humans. They are treated like garbage by humans even though we bred, trained and cared for them for so long. I always love how you are so willing to understand and don’t typically just judge something weird off the bat in general but you’re openness to the idea of pigeons being lovable makes me so happy! I am getting a pigeon tattoo in May and I have officially decided he will be named Greg now

  5. Aether Abyssal says:

    honestly, Danny saying “should I get into pigeons?” because he saw a pretty bird was so relatable.

  6. xianbc says:

    In fairness with avian flu, he literally could face times when 1000s of pigeons suddenly die. I can kind of relate to Mike on this one (in some ways). I had a pet dove and she was very sweet. We had her for almost 20 years then she met a tragic end.🕊

    • Ruby Wolf says:

      The avian flu doesn’t affect pidgeons as badly as other birds. We have 200 free flyers and not one case. They don’t get it ad easily nor do they pass it on to others

    • May 𓆃 says:

      This is so sweet, sorry for your loss 😢 I’m sure she was a lovely dove

  7. di baller says:

    “Pigeons are born to fly that’s why God gave them wings” – Wise Old Man

    • Ruby Wolf says:

      ​@Shota Aizawaand penguin

    • imouse1 says:

      Just a reminder: if you have a pet bird, sometimes clipping their wings for THEIR safety (not your convenience) is absolutely acceptable. Some can be extremely aggressive about getting out or with order occupants of the house and it’s better to find other ways for them to exercise than get eaten by the neighborhood cat.

    • Sandaziel Soleil says:


    • T M says:

      ​@TheFluffyChickens penguins can fly underwater. So graceful.

    • TheFluffyChickens says:

      @Blen chickens can fly. There’s a YouTube video of a rooster flying over a whole river

  8. YinMajora says:

    Pigeons are a common pet (both rescue and breeding). My best friend has 2 pigeons and theyre both adorable. Also it’s worth mentioning that most people that like pigeons absolutely HATE pigeon racing because that is now looked at as borderline abuse within the pigeon community (again, best friend owns pigeons, ive learned a thing or two). A comparison would be dog lovers who hate dog fighting, pigeon racing is the equivalent of that for pigeon lovers (or bird lovers in general).

    • NlS says:

      @Cabbage Dragon Thank you

    • Cabbage Dragon says:

      @NlS  I think what they’re saying is that Barn cats usually don’t recieve any medical care when they’re injured/sick. They are just there to fend for themselves.

      And hunting dogs are sometimes just kept as property instead of as loving companions.

    • NlS says:

      @Emily Daniels what’s the problem with barn cats? I thought they were just cats that lived on farms?

    • desu says:

      @Kaco Dash I’m referring to the grey area between local dog shows and the really fancy ones. Whenever an event like that happens, the clinic is open for longer hours.
      Heatstroke and dehydration is no joke. If the temperature feels warm to you, it’s hot to them. It’s not uncommon that we get a patient that was “cooked” inside a vehicle.

    • Ruby Wolf says:

      ​@Skyla Henry they get ripped from their nest and separated from their partner to fly home quicker. That alone is very stressful. Plus where I live owners don’t even habe to care for them if they get lost or hurt. They get standed and don’t how to survive on their own

  9. Hope Chavez says:

    I personally love pigeons and love hearing everyone’s little pigeon stories. I understand that his handling of the birds is definitely completely wrong , yet I feel as though he genuinely loves them and maybe with the right guidance could learn to more carefully and safely take of the lil guys

    • my life says:

      i mean he seems like a good guy and i’m sure he is but he’s a boxer and i mean boxers only got violent grabs idk

  10. Korben B says:

    One of my best friends is super passionate about pigeons and I’m glad to see people in the comments recognizing that they’re domestic animals! They were entirely bred by humans and it’s really sad to see a lot of people’s attitudes towards them 🙁

    • Amanda Tetz says:

      Yep! All of the pigeons in the world are not wild, they are feral! It’s wild!! Edited: I mean, it’s not wild. It’s very much domestic.

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