MLB Pitchers Are Cheating Again But It’s Ok Now

MLB Pitchers Are Cheating Again But It’s Ok Now

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44 Responses

  1. mrmacross says:

    Thanks for pointing out that sticky substances don’t translate to fewer HBPs. I always felt it was a lame argument by pitchers, and now we have evidence that it doesn’t appear to help prevent batters from getting beaned.

    • Boymaica 38 says:

      Yep. Pitchers are just babies who throw the ball at people when they get mad.

    • CT says:

      Logically when you have something stick to your fingers would it not stay in your hands longer and the ball would go further in arm side?

  2. The Redeemer says:

    I grew up playing baseball but fell in love with other things after high school. After several years i’m rediscovering my love for the game and your videos are a big reason why. Stumbled upon them one day a few weeks ago, so I immediately subscribed, and have watched almost all of them. Just wanted to say thanks and your videos are super well done. Keep up the awesome work!

  3. Carter says:

    all of this is allowed but tony la russa isn’t allowed to sleep in the dugout 😤

  4. Dave Windell says:

    Just coincidence that James Karinchak has come back from “injury” over the last two weeks and has a sub 3.0 ERA and huge k-rate again. Just coincidence.

  5. Goalkeeper[ゴールキーパー] says:

    Honestly I think that pitchers should have 1 or 2 universal substances that the MLB decides are okay like pine tar or something behind the mound that every pitcher can use. That way it’s fair and you don’t have pitchers doing crazy shit like using spider tack or boiling different substances together to make it even stickier.

    • Goalkeeper[ゴールキーパー] says:

      @Dominic Teneriello You’re confusing pine tar and spider tack. Pine brought HBP down, spider tack glued their fingers to the ball messing with release point and causing ridiculous spin at the cost of control. Stop talking.

    • Dominic Teneriello says:

      @Goalkeeper[ゴールキーパー] pitchers say that becuase they want to have pine tar back so they can increase spin rates. But clearly pine tar does not give them grip but an advantage as HBP went down with a heavy enforcement. Adding pine tar and enchanted spin rates cause more control issues not less

    • Goalkeeper[ゴールキーパー] says:

      @Dominic Teneriello Rosen and sweat isn’t good enough clearly. Batters have an on-deck circle with all the stuff they can use, do the same for pitchers. That way there is no ambiguity. Also I said specifically so they DON’T use spider tack. There are substances that will give them a better grip that won’t significantly affect spin rate in the way that spider tack does. Just give them something besides that rosen bag that tons of pitchers have said doesn’t do anything.

    • Dominic Teneriello says:

      They have Rosen and sweat right now. I think the spin rate lowering with hit by pitches going down proves they have a good grip on the ball with that. Anything else enhances spin rate as the video said spin rates are at an all time high. However three true outcomes are down which means the spin rate itself may not effect this maybe a change in approach from batters. To me Rosen and sweat are like batting gloves for hitters, but spider tack is like a corked bat

  6. Theboxthrowback says:

    It’s just easier to say “yes” Cole. 😂😂😂

  7. Klako8196 says:

    Cole short-circuited during that interview response

  8. vahq says:

    great vid really thought out and well explained cant wait till tomorrow for my Cooperstown’s tournament really hyping me up thanks for the amazing baseball content love binging these while eating or before I go to sleep keep it up and u will hit 500k before anyone knows it great job

  9. Tiger guy says:

    “Have you ever used spider tack?”

    -player ones controller has disconnected-

  10. Sweets_YT says:

    Gerrit Cole literally couldn’t sound more guilty if he tried to

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