Morray – Bad Situations (Official Music Video)

Morray – Bad Situations (Official Music Video)

Morray – Bad Situations (Official Music Video)

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26 Responses

  1. katieriritaylor15 says:

    This song has been on repeat ALL MORNING & afternoon for me at work. I came across it just passing the clip on Instagram & I went to check it out. Morray, you got it my guy! Pure talent & that’s no doubt…

  2. L. Patrice says:

    This young MAN here….is The Truth! Another song to add to my faves playlist…anytime I pull up, I’m bumping you Morray!

  3. Azizi's International Cuisines says:

    Thanks morray for this one❤❤. For the one’s who know what it is like to take care of a sick parent and to see them take they last breath is the hardest thing in life, believe me I know! But the whole time, they was always praying for you even on their dying day! Glad my angel was and still watching and protecting over me! Love you Mommy this one dedicated to you, I’m always going to make you proud of me! 🕊 Sandra Denise Holland❤😘🙏🏾

  4. Erica Marie says:

    All your music is so heartfelt ♥ I really appreciate you always keeping it real 💯 Your going far by your talent and not just doing whatever is selling which is sex, drugs, and violence!! Nobody is bringing to the table what you are!! You are so unique and very versatile!! Not only do you have endless bars that seem so genuine but your vocals are on point!! You sing really good!! Please don’t ever change and keep bringing these bangers!!

  5. Naomi Ward says:

    I love how down to Earth he is and how everyone in his videos seem genuinely happy for his success! Much love, represent it brother 💯

  6. Michael McCrary says:

    Wow. That video hit hard. Especially at the end, when his mother looked over him. My mother always said she wanted to see her only son graduate, and make it to see 58 years old. I graduated back in May of 2012. Her 58th bday was August 31st 2012, and she passed September 21st, 2012. I’m really fucking with this video and song. Def adding to my playlist.🙏🏿💯🔥

  7. newlink production says:


  8. Matthew Dahlgren says:

    YO MORRAY you read my mind with this one man…..I just got a job again, starting over one day at a time. You definitely been a huge inspiration to me and my boys man. You got a follower for life outta me man. Next step, going to start getting back into music. I want to get back and record myself playing just to see where I’m at. Keep it up and keep that head up no matter what

  9. BIG Gaming says:

    Honestly can I just thank you for making my school life so much better.
    I couldn’t pay attention, stay focused, or do any type of homework before, but now I just bop through the day with my headphones in and my grades are thanking me for it. your music helps me so much more than you know. keep up the great jams

  10. D-Low Beats says:

    Morray voice is so beautiful!

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