Moving Again… Our Last Video In Colorado

Moving Again… Our Last Video In Colorado

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34 Responses

  1. Ryland vlogs says:

    Our Moving Plans 0:32
    Baking Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies 4:23
    Vlogmas day one!! 14:15
    First Snow & Date Night 16:46
    Holiday Drink Taste Test & Baby Updates 22:19
    Hope you enjoy today’s vlog!!

  2. MissAlla84 says:

    I’ll forever vote for Colorado over California!

  3. Angelpanik says:

    Honestly I feel like once the babies are here you’ll definitely want to be a in Colorado. you’ll need as much help as possible. After I had my son I really appreciated all the help I got. It really does take a village. My son is a year and a half and I still really need help and appreciate it.

  4. Undrea Greer says:

    I’m voting for Colorado simply because Shane is always so much happier there & he goes out more. Plus there’s so much family there to help

  5. Nikki says:

    I know it’s your decision, but I think the best place for you to live is Colorado and raise the boys there with your family. Such a more peaceful wonderful place. ❤❤

    • PC Bassoon says:

      Plus, it’s so nice to have help with babies. I’ve only had one and even one baby without family is really hard.

    • Heather Gibson says:

      They have Shane’s mom in California and it’s also a very short plane ride. I’m sure Vicki and Morgan will come down all the time.

    • Rebecca Spratling says:

      And the fresh air.. Oxygen, anions, etc. So wonderful there. 😊

  6. Emanuela Simeonova says:

    Sorry but I also love Colorado for you guys!Ryland’s parents are there-for helping with the babies, all the animals are there,the dogs love it, it can be the best Christmas ever – with the babies 😍🎄☃️

  7. j Digney says:

    I have 17 month old twin boys and having newborns in the Colorado house would be so nice. the view in that home is beautiful and peaceful and having Ryland’s family close to come hold a baby and help is invaluable. Watching the snow fall outside on their gorgeous lake would be so peaceful during a tiring time when you’re in the thick of it.

  8. Eliza Britton says:

    It makes me sad that your leaving leaving Colorodo. Morgan will finally have her house done. Grandma, Mom and Dad. all the family.

    • Rina Valentina says:

      Yeah it makes no sense…

    • Lesa Herbst says:

      Yes! Everything is finally coming together and they are leaving 😞 it’s really sad, but if it’s what they want… Shane has just never seemed happier than in Colorado

    • Nemrac says:

      They more than likely just want the boys to spend time with Shane’s family for 1 or 2 years while they’re small. I know Shane’s mom will probably be over the moon with her two grandbabies 🥺

    • Ginger ٨ـﮩﮩ♡ Ninja says:

      They should move Shane’s mom to Colorado 😍 not fair to her, but then they would have everyone all in one place! 💙💙

    • Kelsi Glover says:

      Shane’s family and Lizze are in LA, so it’s more understandable as to why they are so torn with this decision. I’m sure it’s very hard on them having to decide but either way I know they’re gonna be excellent fathers 😭♥️

  9. Aunt Rowdy says:

    You cannot make Riley leave the snow! She’s living her best Colorado snow life!

  10. TheGlamourGhoul says:

    Y’all are crazy. I would totally bring the boys up in Colorado. I live in southern California, and Colorado in the Fall and Winter look like a dream! Plus most of your family can help you guys out with the boys. And your grandma can spend extra quality time with the boys. She’s not getting any younger.

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