My Sorority Nightmare | Hot Mess with Alix Earle

My Sorority Nightmare | Hot Mess with Alix Earle

(VIDEO PODCAST AVAILABLE ON SPOTIFY & YOUTUBE) Welcome to Hot Mess with Alix Earle! In the spirit of sorority recruitment season, Alix is taking you back to her freshman year at the University of Miami. For the first time, Alix shares the details of her traumatic rush experience that almost resulted in her transferring to another school. Watch as Alix takes you through the recruitment process and shares the hard lessons she’s learned along the way – the most important being that you don’t need Greek life to find your people.

In this episode, Alix brings you to New York City with her friend Natalie as they unveil the unglamorous reality behind New York Fashion Week. Alix and her friends end the trip with a wild night out of ripping shots behind the DJ booth until 4AM.

Alix wraps up the episode back home in Miami with her girlfriends as they recover from their weekend escapades and brace themselves for what promises to be another hot mess of a week.

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14 Responses

  1. Vanessa Mulcahy says:

    1 hour podcast of alix??
    Say less, my popcorn are ready 🫶🏼

  2. Jasmin Hanson says:

    I loooove her!! She seems like such a lovely person and somehow maintains her relatability despite her insane success. I think she’s a much better role model than who has previously been marketed to the public as ‘the it girl.’ But was anyone else hoping the Earle family would take over reality TV similar to KUWTK early days?! Like what the D’Amelio family tried to do. Her overnight international rise to fame is comparable to Kim’s (despite totally different origin stories.) She seems a little uncomfortable / it feels quite staged which is the opposite of what her fans love her for. Every influencer has a podcast, she is one of the few who could break through to reality TV and dominate. Either way she’s only a few weeks into this so I’m sure she will find her pace & I’ll definitely be watching!

    • sierra k says:

      i vaguely remember her saying she felt like her younger siblings are too young to be put through reality tv right now but maybe one day

    • Taylor Fitzpatrick says:

      She made a TikTok introducing the podcast and explaining this! She said she chose to do a podcast first bc she still feels really early in fame and wants to tell her own narrative. She also said that her family has been approached a bunch of times for Reality TV but she feels her siblings are too young and wants to protect them for now!

  3. B A says:

    I work in broadcast media and I see professional personalities everyday and I can honestly say that Alix is super talented. It’s a gift to be able to tell a compelling story. Wow.

  4. Shells says:

    Tbh I wish this pod wasn’t once a week but I get it.. I just need it more 😂😩

  5. Kate The Wholeness Home & Embodying Wholeness. says:

    Imagine the sororities now seeing her 😭

  6. LHerz says:

    👏👏 this is such an important message about the sorority and recruitment process– thank you for sharing, Alix!👏👏

  7. Grace Marshall says:

    Alix thank you for sharing!! This is huge and so many girls need to hear this! The fact that you went through something HUNDREDS of girls go through is so comforting! You are so amazing and this podcast is great!! ❤❤

  8. Liz Henton says:

    Is anyone asking, why didn’t her cousin in the sorority she wanted save her?

    • Megan says:

      she prob wasn’t one in charge of recruitment they call it a rho gamma at my school, and just a regular sister OR she knew the sorority wasn’t for alix so she was “saving” her in her own way

  9. Kales says:

    As soon as you started describing the symptoms you were feeling/going through my mind immediately thought “ovarian cyst ruptured” because G I R L. this has happened to me TWICE. So embarrassing but mine ruptured in the middle of……yeah 😅 with my boyfriend at the time and I jumped off the bed and fell to the ground, was crouched over, couldn’t move, bloated, & he carried me to a hot shower. He was so scared for me too, but was so sweet trying to help me. Ugh the worst pain in the world!! I didn’t realize how common it was with women either until I went to the OBGYN. Thankfully I didn’t have to get surgery for either of them, but I’m glad you talked about this because you’re right, it’s so common but it is not talked about.

    I’m not on BC and one doctor told me taking birth control is like a preventive, but I’m not sure how fact that is. I sound dumb questioning an actual professional but yeah. 😭
    Glad you figured it out, and you’re ok, and that you talked about this!! ❤

  10. amanda says:

    I really love ur podcast! I especially like that you don’t gossip, always speak kindly about your friends, and have an overall positive attitude! I feel like I can hear about the mess and drama without the gossipy shit talking that other podcasts have.

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