MYTHS // Iso Agent Trailer – VALORANT

MYTHS // Iso Agent Trailer – VALORANT

Storytime’s over.

Iso, VALORANT’s newest Duelist Agent from China, joins us in Episode 7: Act III. Witness him in action with his Gameplay Reveal—releasing October 20, 2023 at 8:00AM PST.

Made in partnership with Lightfarm Studios.

Artist: VALORANT x 99 GOD x C103


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34 Responses

  1. cjaiye says:

    riot always makes these cinematics so well

  2. Xmas says:

    ISO in Cinematics: Walks up to enemies completely bulletproof, looks them in the eye and shoots.
    ISO in Game: Press X to activate 50 points of shield for 1.5 seconds.

  3. Kira yoshikage says:

    Enemy Iso:He took out an entire squad in one round

    Ally Iso:He already took out himself by one shot from the enemy in one round

  4. Simon.jolain says:

    I’d be pretty glad to see omen’s lore increase thanks to iso, we can already know that he is a target because of “his” researches on this project, maybe was he working on this when he was still human ? It could be interesting to know some lines between iso and viper too, because we know that she retains informations to omen about his past ‘him’

  5. ivjo says:

    Iso’s Sheriff shooting stance is very interesting: He extends his right hand out and turns his torso slightly sidewards. It’s a shooting style commonly taught in the early 20th century, dating back into the late 19th century. It was taught for accurate pistol/ Revolver fire, which were only really common with Officers back then. The stance in general is considered more accurate (and necessary for old single action revolvers), and looks very formal. It was also the stance used in officer duels with flintlock pistols. So I am guessing it could be a hint at a possible 1vs1 style of gameplay.

  6. N8ExtrAwesome says:

    That transition at 1:41 is beautiful

  7. CaptainBot says:

    As an animation studio, Riot makes pretty decent games

  8. Innae says:

    For anyone curious at 2:12 he says “nerf jett”

  9. Tranced says:

    riot NEVER MISSES with these cinematics

  10. MrMrCario says:

    this is a gorgeous animation, love that they make one Chinese agent completely focused on defending, and now the second Chinese agent is completely focused on offense

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