NBA Youngboy – Emo Rockstar

NBA Youngboy – Emo Rockstar

YoungBoy Never Broke Again –
‘Sincerely, Kentrell’ OUT NOW:

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33 Responses

  1. Crushroadmusic says:

    NBA youngboy never disappoints🔥✍

  2. Gawd Triller says:

    Manz music is relatable and you understand the message behind the pain. Everything is so real and organic. Feel like he saying everything that be on my mind sometimes. This is why I bang YB 💯

  3. Jequan Nelson says:

    YoungBoy made me get through a lot of hardships in my life and if it weren’t for him, i probably wouldn’t even be here till this day. So, YB i really thank you for the songs and you as a person to love myself everyday.

  4. Yung Breezy says:

    Idc what anyone says, this dude my favorite rapper all time. He’s so consistent and loving to his fans, and still makes amazing music even with all the hate!! He gives us constant bangers even if he’s in a situation of his own. I don’t understand how he can be so loved but so hated at the same time. The real fans love you top💚💚💚

  5. YSLandoVIXI says:

    Been listening to NBA young boy since he was 16 and holy shit time flies he’s been dropping bangerz left and right 💯 the most best rap artist in my opinion.

  6. Plex says:

    This man is a true legend! He made this songs for all those haters that hated on his face paint 🎨

  7. smide beats says:

    Simplesmente fogo 🔥

  8. Be stoned says:

    I can no long ignore his talent, back tracking to see what I missed out on. Great artist

  9. Icey Kaam says:

    YB been so consistent with Heat , niqqa aint never missed💯😭🔥

  10. life /w niah says:

    People dont understand this is what makes him feel free, so instead of bashing him on the internet let him have his peace with what makes him happy. Forever by his side no matter what the case is🤞🏻💚 #rockstar

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