Neon White (dunkview)

Neon White (dunkview)

I made this video in 3 seconds.

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49 Responses

  1. rsotuyo says:

    Its actually genius, the gameplay is about finishing a level as fast as possible and the story is so bad you want to skip it as fast as possible. The theme of speedruning is everywhere.

  2. Psynapseful says:

    Did anyone else notice how he got the same clear screen every time for his faster and faster runs? Truly a master at work, he can even make less time take up the same time.

  3. Sbzzz says:

    The first “big boobs” type game. Truly incredible how far we’ve come.

  4. Josh Sullivan says:

    I love when Dunkey starts with a repetition and for a moment you genuinely feel that might be the whole video.

  5. Lvcas says:

    Dunk’s gonna come back and review this one again but he’ll do it a whole minute faster

  6. Luke Forwood says:

    Man, I don’t normally enjoy speedrunning games or card games in general. Then I saw the deep lore related to this game about the girl with big boobs and I was hooked. Amazing what storytelling can do for a game

  7. Mean Cheese Fetamean says:

    When dunkey reviews indie games, I usually have never heard of them. These kind of reviews are some of my favorite dunkey videos. Same goes for his movie reviews of weird films no one’s seen before. He has such a fluent way of delivering smooth critical analysis of games and film. I expect dunkey to make his own film(s) eventually. It’ll be like monty python ripping off themselves ripping off the three stooges, or something.

    I also like that dunkey doesn’t sugar coat anything. He says the game is fun and I believe him. I believe him more when I look at the footage and I’m like, “holy shit. That looks like so much fun!”

  8. cookiedawg69 says:

    The game design is so tight that it even encourages players to speedrun the dialogue using the F key

  9. the bloke says:

    amazing gameplay, genuinely engaging and gripping. exceedingly well-realized for such a vacuous concept. in addition, one of my favourite soundtracks in recent time. in summary- 3/10 the VN tiein made me want to jump off a medium sized cliff

  10. Sadgasm says:

    This game really makes you feel grateful for not having big boobs, truly remarkable

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