NEW Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 4 OFFICIAL Reveal Trailer Reaction!

NEW Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 4 OFFICIAL Reveal Trailer Reaction!

I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 4 is REAL and it was just announced at Dragon Ball Z Battle Hour! Watch me react to the DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 4 Reveal Trailer now!
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48 Responses

  1. MUI Goku Black says:

    I want every character from the series including Raging Blast to be in this game in addition to Super.

  2. Elvin R says:

    YOOOO, this is sooo unexpected and after 16 years we got a new Budokai Tenkachi. I GONNA RELIVE MY CHILDHOOD!!! 🐉

  3. Red X says:

    Dawg, them dropping this in the middle of battle hour with no build up was such an experience😭

  4. Alexander Nall says:

    You just KNOW the mod pushed them to finally reveal this!

  5. tugg says:

    This is a definite preorder when it becomes available, IM SO HPYED

    • Ethan the Animator says:

      @NinjaMation Same bro..never played one before!

    • TheGameoF_ Life says:

      Yea and im getting that ultimate edition

    • Farhan says:

      @TheAnonymus don’t worry, I’m not sure how old u are, but just save all the money u get you’ll be able to get it one day. There’s no rush to play games and just enjoy watching the gameplay other people will show

    • Coryo61827 says:

      @NinjaMation You are in for a treat! I still consider the Tenkaichi series to be the best Dragonball Z games out there.

    • TheAnonymus says:

      @Farhan Can you imagine if they have already done 90% of the budokai tenkaichi 4 or 100% and that’s why they took so long ??? I’m super hyped although I won’t be able to play it because I’m poor :”””(

  6. Dillon George says:

    The fact that this did not get leaked is AMAZING 👏👏👏

  7. TheCuco2100 Gamer says:

    Don’t disappoint us please let this be the ultimate and best DBZ game of all time

    • ImpossibleKid 058 says:

      Sadly in the state of gaming in general….. I expect them to sell half Tenkachi 3 roster as DLC characters ><'''...... so it's pretty much going to be Xenoverse init... as Xenoverse already is kinda like milked Budokai/Tenkachi.....

    • xKiryu says:

      @Sarnatuile 20 characters, 100+ character pass at $99

    • Sarnatuile says:

      I’m telling you all right now, I fucking loved Tenkaichi and shit, I grew up on it, but this is going to be infested with DLC. There is no way on gods green earth they’re giving us a huge roster without milking us for every single penny.

      If they do, I will literally eat my own poop.

    • xKiryu says:

      I still can’t believe it’s real

  8. Fanta Kolita says:

    It’s been 84 years… finally the best dragon ball game franchise is back…. IS BAAAAACK!!!!!

  9. Rai Jim says:

    Was watching the trailer and the subtleness of how Goku looks up while transforming was neat. And you delivered Nano with the reaction I’m so HYPED BROOO

  10. Jamie_526 says:

    The number one thing I want to see in this game is a massive roster, just like the previous game.

    • ARX 351 says:

      And integrated transformations. Only 1 Goku, 1 Vegeta etc. Each with all the outfits worn during Z and super and with all transformations.

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