*NEW* Fortnite OG GAMEPLAY! (Chapter 1 Returns)

*NEW* Fortnite OG GAMEPLAY! (Chapter 1 Returns)

Fortnite: Battle Royale
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32 Responses

  1. Ali-A says:

    Where we dropping?
    Don’t forget to use code “AliA” in the item shop for the new Battle Pass!

  2. Exotic_Andy says:

    I hope Fortnite allows us to come back anytime, like a playground with the OG map

    • LemonShark says:

      That would be nice

    • Re'soul says:

      super unlikely but i’m sure someone will be remakeing the map as the season in going so when it’s over the map will be playable still but most likely wont be one to one but it will be at least close, i’m sure people will be be going around the whole map recording every bit of it so they can remake it as close to one to one as they can

    • Random sausage says:

      But that would ruin the vibe yk. It wouldn’t be as special because we could go back to it anytime.

    • Ieu says:

      They will kee it I think there’s so much people

    • MrBobloxPotato says:

      @Random sausagewould you rather never go back?

  3. Lil_Molinz Yt says:

    I want fortnite to keep on bringing og maps with the time travel and go to season 1 all the way to season x


    So glad the og map has returned its so nostalgic ❤

  5. killer jaw says:

    Watching Ali-A on the og map, like the og days…

  6. kaitr331 says:

    the only bad thing is the gun icons arent the same

  7. Stephen Leask says:

    I’m happy seeing you in your og skin on the og map.

  8. Joseph Here says:

    It’s rare to see a game so big going back to a version where it wasn’t as big. It’s og version.

  9. GauntletTCF says:

    17:13 OG Ali-A leaving behind better loot like in the old days 😂 he didn’t even notice the purple pump in the pile!! We love you Ali 😂

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