Nicki Minaj – Are You Gone Already (Official Audio)

Nicki Minaj – Are You Gone Already (Official Audio)

Official audio for Nicki Minaj “Are You Gone Already” available everywhere now:

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28 Responses

  1. @roymartinez6983 says:

    nicki sampling a beautiful song by billie eilish is truly amazing, love this.

  2. @Avalanchekaiii says:

    I love how vulnerable Nicki is in this song, Grief or loss is not something nobody ever wants to experience but when you have artists like Nicki talk about their feelings and share their vulnerability it makes makes you love her more. This song has me crying 😭😭🦄

  3. @GEAR653 says:

    17 years in her music career and she’s still shining bright like a star. What a great legend Nicki has become. She isn’t just the music industry, she is the whole art 😍

  4. @ReubenMunshya says:

    Every night I fall asleep to your music . You are truly a musical artist of the highest calling and your music touches so many on so many levels, spiritually, physically and emotionally _i know it has me. Thank you so much for sharing this beauty of your soul – your music to is like a whisper from you Nicki. Happy birthday 🎂 enjoy this precious day of your life 💕💕

  5. @HoneybrownVee says:

    This album is so overwhelming , I’ve listened to Nicki since a teenager and she is just built so different , she’s a walking inspiration to never give up on your tru authentic self no matter what happens or what people say around you. Nobody can control your way of thinking but yourself . ❤

  6. @christiang8251 says:

    Beautiful piece of work Onika !!! I am so proud of you!!!!!

  7. @HuzlBeauty says:

    I am so proud of this woman. I always try to avoid sounding like an obsessed fan but this is genuinely deserved. I can’t wait to meet her at a meet and greet on tour.
    Happy Birthday Queen!
    You earned this legendary status 💕🦄👑

  8. @preciousmonday8255 says:

    This is just genuine pure love from a mother to her son…
    This brought tears to my eyes,the molody plus her artistically stunning voice

  9. @clairesmith6620 says:

    I cannot wait to hear them both perform this live. Like I’m already crying in my head just thinking about it.

  10. @MikeC_Daily says:

    Nicely done Nick, I want to give a shoutout to your son! This is beautifully mixed, and I love the lyrics!

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