NMIXX “Roller Coaster” M/V

NMIXX “Roller Coaster” M/V

NMIXX “Roller Coaster” M/V

NMIXX ‘A Midsummer NMIXX’s Dream’ Pre-order & Pre-save ▶ https://nmixx.lnk.to/AMidsummerNMIXXDream

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25 Responses

  1. Pj Intoy says:

    Giving Bae her main character moment is definitely a game changer! *The chorus was mad catchy, I like it!*

  2. zaid says:

    I’m dancing now because of this catchy song HAHAHAHAHA

  3. Shadxwxnixht says:

    I really love the m/v and the song. It sounds so cheerful

  4. Ahyeonistic♡ says:

    Omg nmixx slayed so much !! 😭 My babies are slowing growing and growing into one of the most promising groups of 4th gen, they are all all-rounders 😭🤭💗 Nmixx my queens, this song is fire !!!

  5. Grayson Ovick says:

    i love that sullyoon is a mermaid in this,,, she definitely has mermaid vibes, just ethereally beautiful

  6. Bradlee says:

    this song is literally perfect. and lily’s high note? just nothing short of amazing

  7. Alex_Kills says:

    So happy to see this much praise and engagement for Nmixx both domestically and internationally. They truly deserve it. They delivered a perfect summer song, and this comeback is shaping up to be so great.

  8. wizard says:

    what a cool song!! i can feel this summer vibe. way to go, nmixx!!

  9. Sahh says:

    Vocals 100%
    Visuals 100%
    Dance 100%
    MV 100%
    we love you nmixx!

  10. TÜRKeditz [TEB] says:

    Lucky those who have *GPT44X* right in time, unlucky those who think it’s meaningless. There’s a reason why so many would write about it no matter where you lookin’ at

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