hi this is staff merry xmas and happy holidays stay warm out there!
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41 Responses

  1. @OfflineTV says:


    Exclusive! Grab the NordVPN deal ➼ and get plus 4 extra months. Try it risk-free now with a 30-day money-back guarantee!

  2. @laty6169 says:

    Brodin has entered a new level of deceit to fool his own employees

  3. @bored9145 says:

    You’d expect michael to get everyone gag gifts but he’s one of the most wholesome ones…… Jodi on the other hand for 2 years straight

  4. @Mala_BW says:

    The amount of envy I have for all the tools Michael gave Jason is unhealthy.

  5. @Pingviinimursu says:

    Huge props to Toast for coming up with the idea! I love that it’s not just rich people buying expensive stuff for other rich people, but actually being thoughtful and supporting their crew. Hopefully everyone enjoys and finds use for their gifts! 😊

    • @soumojitchowdhury6974 says:

      toast was considerate before and he became more considerate after he started DSG

    • @telmah5721 says:

      yeh my brain was going along those line as wellwhen the video started, only to find out its not people with a bunch of money buying gifts for other people with a bunch of money (I wouldnt go as far as saying rich people, cause streamers and yt creators always get less money then youd assume)

    • @telmah5721 says:

      that is so fuckin true, like with some of these creators and streamers you notice how all the fame gets to their heads in certain ways and with toast you notice time and time again how wholesome this dude is and isnt afraid to show that, even tho he puts up a tough front most of the time ^^@@soumojitchowdhury6974

  6. @abdieldavila8479 says:

    Lauren is an angel, they recognized she broke her phone, even though she told them and was like, “ How’d u know?”😂 Very great behind the scenes people 😊 Also Amanda’s first gift 😂😂😂😂😂

  7. @DJ-Cassie says:

    It’s official, Jodi is the biggest troll when it comes to gift giving 🤣 First the Yvonne care package, and now, well – the Amanda “care” package 😂

  8. @existentialcrisis6132 says:

    poki almost buying brodin a tesla is actually so funny

  9. @literallyjustisaac3521 says:

    After all these years, OTV finally managed to trick Brodin

  10. @Cripplified says:

    Nobody seems to be talking about Scarra’s gift. He took the time to research all the videos Dunois was an editor for, compile them all, and get a mosaic made out of the thumbnails.

    Scarra went hard on thoughtfulness

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