Ohio State at Michigan | Highlights | Big Ten Football | Nov. 25, 2023

Ohio State at Michigan | Highlights | Big Ten Football | Nov. 25, 2023

00:00:00 – 1st Quarter
00:00:44 – 2nd Quarter
00:01:38 – 3rd Quarter
00:02:09 – 4th Quarter


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37 Responses

  1. EH says:

    That catch by Marv was insane. Cannot wait to see what he does in the NFL.

  2. Sankdom says:

    Was just in the stadium watching this live. Greatest game I’ve ever watched live. Most fun I’ve ever had

  3. J Adams says:

    One of the greatest games I’ve ever seen 😮

  4. Marc LaFleur says:

    That was an instant classic…… GO BLUE!

  5. Kole Bradley says:

    I’m not a fan of either team but this game was crazy! Congrats to Michigan

  6. RAMARIO says:

    Our FG kicker is the truth. Right down the middle every time!!!!

  7. Cody says:

    Notre Dame fan here..always rivals..rivals are what push you be stronger and always improve..your success means the same for your rival..so the more success for you pushes them to improve and succeed which pushes you to continue the cycle..the competition embodies the spirit of sport in it’s purest form..congratulations from a Notre Dame fan..to both teams..truly Michigan you played like a Champion today and while you forever remain an adversary like I said earlier this is what evolves the sport pushing one another to be better like your great season will undoubtedly call for anyone who plans to remain your rival to improve..enemies of the team but brothers of the sport..congratulations..thank you..honestly..you just forced us to be better..hope to return the favor next meeting..go get em guys..I want to beat the defending champs next year..good luck…

  8. Lemar Kelly says:

    Well done by the Michigan Wolverines!

  9. PUMACHANGUS says:

    Congratulations to Michigan wolverines from a Clemson tigers fan! Go Blue!!

    • Raphael Wilkes says:

      Clemson fan here I’m rooting for Florida state to bring back the national championship to our conference (ACC) if Michigan can make it to the national championship I’ll root for them to win it if they don’t play our biggest rival Florida state but Nick Saban and Bama will be tough outside of Florida state (who still is dangerous) Michigan can beat Oregon Washington I wouldn’t sleep on Texas if they can make it but Michigan can beat them as well

  10. Charlie Yellowstone says:

    Congratulations to the Michigan Wolverines from an Iowa fan. 👍

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