Our Biggest Announcement Yet..

Our Biggest Announcement Yet..

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Max ► https://www.instagram.com/maxtheputnam/
Bubbie ► https://youtube.com/c/BubbieGolf
Luke Kwon ► https://www.youtube.com/@LukeKwonGolf

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25 Responses

  1. David Hanni says:

    LETS GOOOOO BOYS !!! Congratulations! That’s a huge, huge huge endorsement

  2. ryan shaw says:

    Great move from Callaway, they know how much business this will bring them. It’s cool to see especially since I only use Callaway equipment myself.

    • Jordan Franklin says:

      @Torrak doesn’t feel niche or special anymore. Just more monopoly brands with a logo

    • Q says:

      @Torrak the largest golf company in the world, pairing with the largest growing golf media team, no they don’t need them, but they sure as hell want them bad.

    • YuanPo Chang says:

      @Torrak lol u think one of the biggest golf companies will make decision without any research?
      They definitely see the potential and willing to take the risk.
      They r not dumb, if even u can think about it, they must had considered it

    • Tim Nelcin says:

      ​@Jim Palmeri think he has a small dinky

    • B G says:

      @Torrak it’s huge. Just from going to my local club and seeing all these new young golfers with mizuno drivers, their influence is exactly why callaway needed them on the team. Mizuno sold more drivers this year than they have in 20 years because they have such a reach for new upcoming kids watching their videos. Having millions of subscribers. No doubt they’ll make an impact on those people subscribing. People in marketing know

  3. Callaway Golf says:

    Let’s get it! Excited to be teaming up 🔥

    • nonsense says:

      I’m available at January sale prices for the rest of this month, I don’t have any subscribers and am terrible at golf but together we could make something pretty

  4. Tim Ruiz says:

    Let’s go! Congrats boys. Well deserved!

  5. PLP says:

    I’ll gladly take your blue mizuno clubs now that you are Calloway hahaha!!

    Congrats fellas, much deserved!!

  6. SPL2 says:

    This is Huge Guys, so proud and impressed by how far yall have all came. Congratz yall deserve it.

  7. NW Traveler says:

    Props to Garrett for the Callaway glove.

  8. Brooks Holt says:

    Let’s go yall! Congrats! This is huge

  9. James Bailey says:

    Congratulations! From Garrett’s backyard to here!!!

  10. Nicholas Deeb says:

    what a comeback for the boys

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