Phillies vs. Braves NLDS Game 2 Highlights (10/9/23) | MLB Highlights

Phillies vs. Braves NLDS Game 2 Highlights (10/9/23) | MLB Highlights

Phillies vs. Braves full NLDS Game 2 highlights from 10/9/23, presented by @evanwilliamsbourbon

(0:55) Alec Bohm singles on a line drive to center field. One run scores.
(3:20) JT Realmuto cranks a two-run homer to right center field.
(5:04) Bryson Stott out on a sacrifice fly to center field. One run scores.
(6:21) Ozzie Albies singles on a line drive to right field. One run scores.
(7:07) Travis d’Arnaud crushes a two-run home run to left field.
(8:08) Austin Riley clobbers a two-run homer to left field.
(8:57) Nick Castellanos flies into an 8-5-3 double play to end the game.

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46 Responses

  1. Thomas Reithmeier says:

    The baseball might feel like an acorn for Michael Harris in postseason, but that was an amazingly clutch game winning defensive play. Even as a Phillies fan, I think he’s great player staying so committed to defense even with plate struggles

  2. sco says:

    Harris’ historic play.
    It will go down as one of best scenes of playoffs.

  3. PLZ CALL ME D says:

    If the Braves not only win this NLDS but win the whole thing…this game will be the one that CATAPULTS THEM TO another WS title

  4. Qwnntm says:

    One of the best postseason games I’ve ever watched. And what a finish!

  5. Leonardo Marinasco says:

    An amazing ending to an amazing game. Thank you baseball.

  6. Aidan Knight says:

    That’s a postseason classic. The stakes were so so high for Atlanta and Austin Riley saved their season (including the throwing assist on the final play!)

    • SHSscorp82 says:

      Phillies kinda hurt themselves though. That first run on a error started a fire that never should have been lit. But, we’ll take it how we can get it.

  7. HoopsLegends says:

    I was at this game, I don’t go to much and was lucky to go to this one, definitely the most electrifying game I’ve ever been to

    • Travel with Tony says:

      Well look at you, at the game and everything.
      Now everyone wants to be just like you.
      So impressive

    • Nicholas Napolitano says:

      @Travel with Tony Not really. I’m happy to watch highlights and not travel 2000 miles to Atlanta. But I’m happy for Op. That looks like a great game to have been at.

    • Ahmad Simmons says:

      We now need u at every single game sir

    • Sam from England - Brit on Broad says:

      Only when Braves were winning, such a poor fan base.

    • Daniel Hettesheimer says:

      @mcoaks dude did NOT watch the game. Fans were in it as soon as the Braves got a hit. Even down 0-4 they were still celebrating defensive plays

  8. Dominic Verdin says:

    Not a fan of the Braves whatsoever but you gotta give them the credit and respect. They earned it in todays comeback win. ⚾️

    • AyoGemini says:

      You are a fan

    • thejorobal says:

      @AyoGemini right. Like sure. Ok. I’m not gna take away their win. But I don’t think it’s cuz they ‘earned it’ I think it’s cuz we had them and made several errors and they got lucky honestly. But ok. If it weren’t for our mistakes we would have won… we played better ball the whole game we just messed up. So yeah. Braves fans need to calm down and be humble

    • Manav Patel says:

      @thejorobal the game is all about who can control mistakes and not make them spill and cause bigger ones.

    • Terri Wityofineass says:

      You’re an underground fan. Thanks for the props. 🤣🤣🤣

    • Nick Shaver says:

      @thejorobalI’d be curious what a team would need to do to “earn it” if two clutch home runs and outplaying the other team in the 7th, 8th, and 9th don’t qualify?

  9. sharkuss says:

    WOW! What a game and what an ending. MLB cannot ask for much more than that. Epic performance by Wheeler and it still wasn’t enough. Major statement game by the braves

  10. David Millar says:

    I had to watch that double play at the end about 5 times to take it all in – so gooooooooood.

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