Power Book III: Raising Kanan | Season 3 Official Trailer | STARZ

Power Book III: Raising Kanan | Season 3 Official Trailer | STARZ

Family ties or family lies. Check out the official trailer for the new season of Raising Kanan, premiering Friday December 1st on STARZ.

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Over the last two seasons of “Raising Kanan,” Kanan Stark has slowly learned the truth
about not only his mother, but also himself. It has been a tortuous journey for him and
everyone around him. With each new revelation, Kanan has been forced to confront his
family’s seemingly never-ending web of secrets and lies. He has spent much of this time
in a state of denial, but now, Kanan’s blinders are finally off, and he doesn’t like what he
sees. In season three, Kanan finds himself grappling with the very notions of right and
wrong. Good and evil. Fidelity and disloyalty. And he’s not alone. Every member of the
Thomas family must confront an existential crisis that challenges their very identity.
Whether it’s Marvin, who’s still trying to redeem himself, or Raq, who’s finally coming
clean, or Lou, who’s wrestling with his own evil, or Jukebox, who’s simply trying to break
free from her family’s pathology, they are all attempting to redefine and reinvent themselves. They won’t all be able to complete this intensely personal quest, but for those who do, the destination may reveal the most terrifying secret of all. There is no right and wrong or good and evil. There are no absolutes. In the end, there’s just you.

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37 Responses

  1. MOVIE BOT says:

    The authenticity and realism is what sets Raising Kanan apart from the rest – This Christmas we’re in for a treat based on this trailer and if Raq think she can leave the game, she’s got another thing coming. It’s almost game time, we’re in for a Breezy winter people.

  2. Antwain Bell says:

    Kanan and juke box is about to be ruthless this season This season looks amazing

  3. jason white says:

    The reason why this spinoff will have the most connection with the core audience, is because its the story that led us to seeing the great story of the original.

  4. Adam Kumi says:

    This show is stepping on all the powers BIG FACTS

  5. 24KLogan says:

    I’m all for Unique and Raq. Almost like a Bonnie and Clyde🔥This season will be special. Potentially one of the best seasons in power history.

    • ViewMaster617 says:

      I think Tony Danza character will kill Nique and keep Raq alive so she can work for him

    • J Klutz says:

      ⁠@ViewMaster617nah i think nique survives this season

    • ViewMaster617 says:

      @J Klutz I think he will get clip fast noticed in the trailer Raq was the only one kidnapped and brought to Stefano Niq wasn’t around my guess they killed him but let Raq live to work for Stefano Niq death will be the big shock to start the season off

    • J Klutz says:

      @ViewMaster617 man i hope not, cause i fw nique

    • ViewMaster617 says:

      @J Klutz Same but that trailer hit different for Niq but it might be from not wanting to be an informant for the mob and I think Stefano gonna have Raq kill Brescelli as a way to end the war and wipe the slate clean

  6. TV With Missy says:

    This trailer looks fire!! The acting on Raising Kanan is TOP TIER, and the storylines are realistic. I can’t wait to see the new characters. December 1st cannot get here fast enough. ☺

  7. The Creative Journalist says:

    This season will be epic, I can see the aggression and rage in kanan growing more and more each season and I’m hoping this is the season we see how he starts to build his own empire and how he really came up to be the kanan we saw in the original power

  8. Dan G says:

    out of all the spinoffs, nothing can beat RAQ’s characters. absolutely amazing, straight female denzel.

  9. North LDN says:

    What makes this spin off special is the realism, emotion, the acting and the gradual build up. Action and violence alone dont make a good crime show and this where book 2 and 4 go wrong.

  10. CoreyAlpough says:

    Best spin-off! Probably not the most popular but definitely the best!

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