Race Highlights | 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix

Race Highlights | 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix

Finishing for the summer break on a high! Enjoy one of the best races of the season as a driver claims his maiden F1 win in style.

UPDATE: Sebastian Vettel was later disqualified from the race due to a fuel issue, moving Hamilton up to 2nd and giving Carlos Sainz the final podium spot. Full story: https://f1.com/VET-HUN-DSQ

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47 Responses

  1. BeamngShorts says:

    Lewis: I crashed 1 car last race
    Bottas: Challenge accepted

  2. Aldas says:

    Alonso really said “You shall not pass” at the end of the race. What a win for Ocon and the whole team with both drivers contributing massively

    • Shrikant M says:

      no one could have guessed Ocon could win with Hamilton getting pole. LOL!!!

    • Luka Jakoš says:

      @Shrikant M you are absoltey write

    • John doe says:

      @MF President which is a donkey with the fastest car ever built (cheating Mercedes is pure fia autorized mafia, as with the holes in the hub)

    • soren lindberg says:

      @Stathis Papadopoulos could be, but they both fought brilliantly as team mates! loved the side by side drive when heading back to the pits. Solid team work.

    • Stathis Papadopoulos says:

      @Ciaron Smith Alonso had better pace than ocon the entire race when in free air. Why can’t you for once admit he drove well? You are such a hypocrite. Bigger than Hamilton himself. If Alonso was in the lead because of the carnage ( and that was outright luck, how oxon got in the lead ) he would have flew away from vettel like a comet. He had the 3rd best pace in the race after Hamilton and sainz. So if someone started from p7 in the alpine and was unable to beat his teammate who started in p1 when there are 6 equal cars to you in between ina narrow track like this, you call that destruction? Seriously? Alonso closed the gap to ocon by 8 seconds in 5 laps when he had free air after Latifi pitted. He locked up once and Hamilton finally got through. If that hadn’t happened ( which was not pressure, just pushing the alpine over what it could do ) Hamilton would actually be stuck behind him for the entire race. Hamilton locked up behind gasly at the start 4 to 6 times and again 2 times behind sainz. If anything, alonso was almost faultless. Keep dreaming dreamer. Hating has become your profession. NOBODY ASKED your opinion about 05 or 07 yet you throw them around all the time. We are here to judge THIS RACE. Go back to your cave clown. You are a grown man. You are embarrassing yourself. You should know that. You are acting like a child. Just stop. Noone likes you in the f1 community. NOONE. You are responsible for that with this idiotic behavior. Noone forces you to like Alonso. But we can miss all your bullcrap too. If you are butthurt then you don’t need to spam us here. The entire f1 community rates Alonso very very highly in this race. And trust me. They know better than you. At least they are not embarrassing themselves. Only one you are insulting with this behavior is yourself. Get a life. Go back to your cave. F1 doesn’t need fans like you.

  3. KP says:

    Race Engineer: “Valtteri, it’s plan D”

    Bottas: D must be for Demolition? “Say no more”

  4. BoilingHotCoffee says:

    Overtaking Difficulty: “Easy”

    Alsono: “and I took that personally”

  5. Mayoral Ca says:

    Alonso old tiger with excellent defensive skills hold Hamilton for that meny laps he deserve half Ocon podium

    • faith in his blood says:

      Jesus Christ died for our sins. He was buried, and He rose again the third day 1 Corinthians 15: 1-4

  6. MacKenzie Leopeng says:

    That solo start by HAM has to be the funniest I’ve seen in my 40 years of watching F1. The record was the 6 cars to start the 2005 US race.

    • Guenther Steiner says:

      Whats next? 0 cars?😂

    • Azam Khan says:

      It was crazy. I’ve never seen anything like it. At least at the US race, there were 5 other cars on the grid.

    • BOys85 says:

      Yeah it was funny, and 100 % hamilton s fault! Everyone called their teams for a dry tires and crybaby hamilton blames the team again…

    • Paul Baila says:

      @BOys85 For Hamilton it was a no-no win situation. If he would have pitted with the rest of the cars, since the Mercedes pit is the first, he would have had to let all the other cars pass, before he would be released from the pit. In hindsight, it would still be worth the risk, since maybe he would have been higher (something like 10-11th position, as opposed to being last – but probably thought the gap in the first lap would be bigger)

    • Barath Rajkumar says:

      Imagine if hamilton also pitted, no one would be there when the lights go off

  7. RogueVoid says:

    “Bottas took out both redbull cars”
    -Nico Rosberg 2021

  8. maplechill fpv says:

    New Mercedes strategy,: Just take ‘em out on the first lap!

  9. Kazimation says:

    Toto: “Valtteri, did you get my email?”
    Valtteri: “Sir. Yes Sir.”

  10. Raihan Yusuf says:

    Hamilton at the restart must be thinking that Bottas took out the whole field.

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