Race Highlights | 2022 Monaco Grand Prix

Race Highlights | 2022 Monaco Grand Prix

Rain fell in Monaco and the drama followed! As the drivers battled to the chequered flag on the slippy streets of Monte Carlo

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36 Responses

  1. Hannibal says:

    Sainz already understood that he has to make his own strategies, because if he depended on Ferrari today, he wouldn’t even be on the podium!

  2. Cedric Peters says:

    I love Perez. Winnig in Monaco is a thing and seeing him doing this is more than great. Gutted for Leclerc but finally finishing a home gp

    • Moe Ron says:

      It would be even worse for charles if monoco gets dropped out of the F1 calender from next year, and this could be his last chance to win and failed. But in fairness monoco has always been for most races pretty boring with hardly any overtakes

    • Gringo Starr says:

      Why wasn’t Max penalized from crossing the pitlane line. There has always been a zero tolerance to that..

    • Damar Fadlan says:

      @Hachitarou Kiyokouji yup. I rate the 2022 Monaco GP a 0 star even though there is rain.

    • Hachitarou Kiyokouji says:

      This is like Max Verstappen’s 2nd place at 2019.

  3. MikeGR says:

    Ferrari strategists be like: “To everyone who thought i left,i never left,just moved aside for a while”

  4. Alex Moreno Calado says:

    Checo has surpass Verstappen all sessions this weekend. He’s really on🔥. Can’t understand what is taking Red Bull so long to renew his contract

    • Cesar Rivera says:

      @Augusto Enrique Barreto Reyes no va a haber segunda cita pero al menos ya sabe mas de racismo xdd

    • Víctor says:

      @januar ali atmadidjaya Verstappen did not finish that lap. We won’t know if he would be faster in all the sectors 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • januar ali atmadidjaya says:

      Not really, on the last Quali Max did a better pace before checo’s red flag. But in the race yeah, i think he’s better, with better pit timing.

    • Víctor says:

      @Augusto Enrique Barreto Reyes Verstappen es más rápido que Pérez, en la mayoría de las carreras le saca ventaja, es normal que le den preferencia, no tiene nada que ver con el lugar de nacimiento o la raza.

    • Víctor says:

      @Benjamín Avila Rosas 🤣

  5. Tony Ilias says:

    Bottas just keeps managing to score points in that Alfa like an absolute chad 💪

  6. Hannibal says:

    It’s hard to believe that the ferrari strategist really rooting for ferrari. lol

  7. Sea OC says:

    So glad Schumacher is ok. That looked like the nastiest crash since Grosjean in terms of car damage

    • marc says:

      @westerholt you’re trying to root him?

    • westerholt says:

      As someone trying to root for him, he is making that very hard to do …. At this point he won’t even have a seat anymore..

    • Moe Ron says:

      This year cars was designed to have the gearbox and the rear break off as such during a heavy crash for safety reasons, the car did so as designed

    • KashifAbbasizzz says:

      Every time haas crashes it gets divided into two

    • MVD2006-_- says:

      @SyndiCate Gaming but that was on the side so damage was not that high as in monaco cause the back was gone i shocked harder then jeddah ofbdamage

  8. Tyler Prince says:

    Disappointed Charles didn’t get the win but I am really happy for Perez, dude deserves to have this kind of success after so many years

  9. Old Man Travels says:

    “Season is long,
    RedBull is blue,
    If we keep getting the strategy wrong,
    We might not even hold onto P2.”

  10. Patrique Savi says:

    Foi uma corrida bem movimentada! O Checo está de parabéns e o Max está se encaminhando para o bicampeonato!

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