Real Madrid vs. Manchester United | Full Game Highlights | ESPN FC

Real Madrid vs. Manchester United | Full Game Highlights | ESPN FC

Check out these highlights from Real Madrid’s 2-0 win over Manchester United in their club friendly matchup.

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41 Responses

  1. RickyRoyVisions RickyRuTheJew and rappinrickjames says:

    It’s good to see Jude settling in to his new team with his first goal… that goal from Joselu was epic… Manchester United didn’t work the ball around enough in the second half and in neither half they failed to finish their chances whenever they got them… good game for Real Madrid and the Manchester Devils will have to find solace in knowing this was only a preseason match…

    • Cristian Del Valle says:

      bro what, man u clearly dominated but we lack a final product. Madrid had the finishing but didnt look all too dangerous. Thats what makes the difference in football but u cant say man u didnt play well

    • GDP Enterprise says:

      ​@Cristian Del ValleMANU played their most MANU game. All possession with no idea what to do with the ball. A boring 1st half and an amateur 2nd performance. The most exictment was McGuire subbing in. The second gol made the game worth the wait.

    • Justin Buritica says:

      @Cristian Del Valleyou sound like every other team that loses to Madrid. Just because you work the ball around doesn’t mean your better. Madrid, especially with Ancelotti at the helm, are designed to absorb pressure and then counter with lethality. They don’t care about not having the ball, they care about winning the game.

    • PimpyD123 says:

      Those are usually the losses honestly spot on, the wins against good clubs nowadays are pretty much the the opposite. They just win most midfield battles and beat the defense back on counters while being outplayed.

    • Skar says:

      @Cristian Del ValleMan U did not dominate the game at all haha, they where mediocre.

  2. Athos says:

    Joselu looks happy to be back. Cant help but feel happy for the man. Living the dream 😁

  3. Fragile Rovers says:

    I watched this game live in Houston! My first ever Manchester United game….. Great to see the boys live and direct. It feels different than on TV

  4. Diego Gandara says:

    Vini has gotten so good, glad to be able to see his prime years 🤩

  5. Ninja Prince says:

    Fantastic match capped with 2 quality goals

  6. Diego Gandara says:

    Bellingham following in the footsteps of Zidane, making him proud 🤯 CLASS ✨

  7. daniel kim says:

    I was there watching, vini was amazing. This guy is gonna shine this season for sure.

  8. Cory Akabueze says:

    I’m very happy for Joselu hope he has an amazing season

  9. HRT - Gaming says:

    Both goals have been absolutely quality!🤩 Hala Madrid! Bring on Barca!

  10. Ed O says:

    Lunin actually showing he could start in just about any team

    • MarkieMarc says:

      I really hope he gains some confidence. Lunin has had some awful performances the last few seasons.

    • Zaidi says:

      @MarkieMarcthe problem is that he isn’t the main goal keeper and gets playing time when Courtois is injured or it’s a useless game. Any top class goalkeeper is going to have a tough time.

    • MarkieMarc says:

      @Zaidi Right but if you put in bad performances when you’re called upon the coach isn’t going to utilize you. Same thing with Mariano and Jovic.

    • Zaidi says:

      @MarkieMarc yeah it’s pretty sad because the same thing happened to Odegard who is really good in Arsenal. He wanted to play for Madrid but the midfield was already insane with Modric, Kroos, and Casimiro.

    • MarkieMarc says:

      @Zaidi It’s in the clubs DNA to demand the best of players and sometimes we lose good players because of it. Losing Odegaard sucked but the way I see it is it gave us the opportunity to see players like Camavinga, Bellingham, and Arda Guler come to the club and possibly become legends if they can do things right.

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