Remember Death

Remember Death

Until next year. Memento Mori.
Death Remembers:

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30 Responses

  1. SomeRandomDude says:

    I love how both Mark and Ethan said that they “lost track of time”

    • Skia says:

      I blame Ethan, because of that one time he accidentally was late uploading an unus annus video. It was probably Mark though.

    • Nearly Infinity says:

      @Skia 99% sure that it was mark and his film, can’t blame him for it, a hell of a lot to do with little time but while ethan misses alot I don’t think this is one of those times

    • SomeRandomDude says:

      @Skia lol yeah

    • CarnivalCardinal says:

      Ethan’s does seem a little more like acting though, like it’s just to keep the parallel between the videos rather than the coincidence that they both forgot. Works well for the theme of mourning either way, the moving on is sometimes just as rough as being certain you never would.

    • Nonsensical Ramblings says:

      It almost feels intentional to me, with the titles of the videos. Like they waited a little bit, maybe to make a point about forgetting, remembering… the way that the grief and the memories can fade, but the love will always persist. You may lose track of time, and the loss may settle into the back of your mind, but whenever those memories bubble to the surface, the love will always be just as strong.

  2. Baccaborg says:

    Man, hearing the clock just takes me back instantly. Such an amazing experience I’m glad to have been apart of

    • Wolverine says:

      I’m so glad I missed the whole thing because I started watching marks channel again just the week after they deleted everything and never knew it existed before that.
      but that’s the way it is

    • Salty Apple says:

      @Wolverinei decided a bit too late to properly get into it—can’t bring myself to watch reuploads either lol. i guess in our own ways, we had a unique experience with it 🙂 even if that experience just means bittersweetness after the fact.

  3. Lana Sky says:

    That was probably the craziest year of my life, I can’t believe it’s been 3 years. It’s good to look back, appreciate the incredible thing we all experienced together, assess what we’ve accomplished and look to how we can grow in the future.

  4. depressedgremlin says:

    Its terrifying seeing them age. The point of the channel was to accept death, that something you love is going to disapear, but im never going to be able to accept that someday they’ll be gone. Thanks for the laughs and tears over the years <3 unus annus

  5. Rowing Melon says:

    I just want to say thank you Ethan for helping make Unus Annus what it was. I can’t believe its been three years and I’m standing in my kitchen crying in grief. I’m glad I was able to find and be apart of the UA community. It was a safespace for me during a rough patch in my life. I was able to be whisked away in the world you and Mark created and I felt as though I could be me. I still quote a bunch of UA stuff to this day. You gave an amazing message that I have taken to heart and hope to pass on to others. It was impacted how I view the world. I see it through a different lens, and I can say great changes have been made. That being for me, the relationship with my brother and friends, and most importantly my mom. Thank you and Momento Mori.

  6. Jean says:

    It feels very universally connected how my grandfather passed just a days before Unus Annus was deleted. This year made 3 years since he passed, and I too visited his grave- late, but with flowers and briefly spoke to him before leaving. I can’t help but think the channel was unknowingly preparing me for it the whole time. Memento Mori.

  7. Sk8er Boi says:

    year 1 was grief, year 2 was acceptance, and year 3 is the guilt of moving on forgetting about someone/something that was once so meaningful

  8. Lil_Potato257 says:

    Letting go of Unus Annus has been harder than letting go of a sentimental childhood memory, and every year I will miss it more and more.
    Thank you to everyone who’s made it as unforgettable as it is, and to Ethan and Mark who gave us some of the funniest moments of our lives.

  9. Mary Sue says:

    It genuinely gives me goosebumps every time I think about Unus Annus and how it’s already been three years. Truly a breathtaking time that was extremely impactful for the whome community. Momento Mori.

  10. Marcela Aleman says:

    I really like how even if 3 years have gone by and plenty of have moved on, these little memorials always bring back the ones that were there throughout. Unus Annus was special, and the fact that it still has pull, proves it

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