Robocop: Rogue City Is Ridiculously Good

Robocop: Rogue City Is Ridiculously Good

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0:00 Intro
03:16 Story & Premise
06:54 Fan Service
10:32 Robocop: Human Revolution
13:01 The Missions
17:18 The Combat
20:59 Powers & Abilities
23:05 The Auto 9
28:10 Critique
30:16 Closing Remarks
31:17 Amazing Patrons

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32 Responses

  1. dem0nchild610 says:

    It’s nice to see someone actually give a damn about these old movie games and not turn it into a cash grab

  2. Tyrant says:

    Played the demo and I was amazed at how the dialogue, the tone and the humour is 100% Robocop. These guys should really make a Judge Dredd or even an Aliens game.

  3. French Lad says:

    Teyon really went from making one of the worst video games ever made to creating two of the best video game adaptions of movies ever
    Honestly huge respect to them

  4. drop dead says:

    I really hope this becomes a trend taking classic 80s or even 90s movies and making true games of them with modern hardware. We’ve been seriously lacking good games and new ideas and this seems like the right answer

  5. Kev Ting says:

    Out of all the reviews that came out today, this one GETS IT. Every other reviewers put the game on a high pedestal and compares it to major AAA FPS games. But the game should be reviewed based on how it is presented by itself and it is exactly that. A tribute to Robocop and the jankiness of the 80s. Defintely gonna buy it. FOR A DOLLAR.

  6. X-Axel220 says:

    Gman is truly a man of honor. Even with the godlike Auto 9 in game he still reminds us to go for that shotgun.

  7. IMGNR says:

    I honestly would want to see these guys take a swing at something like Equilibrium or Dredd.

  8. Marko Marić says:

    I’m so happy for this team for going from a mockery (rambo) to a great passionate effort (terminator) to a fantastic game (robocop).

  9. Mr. Hoxton says:

    For the company that went from producing one of the worst shooters ever made, to making arguably one of 2023’s best shooters?

    Bravo, Teyon. You’ve got more to give, and I know for a FACT I’m gonna be excited to see what else you have in store.

    By the way…

    …it’s been a while since we had a good Dredd game.


  10. Chance says:

    Watching these devs improve and improve is so gratifying, not even just as a player but as a wannabe game designer.
    I was going to try it out anyway, but now you’ve got me giddy to play it.

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