Sean Evans Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Sean Evans Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Hot Ones host Sean Evans goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex’s Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in New York City and talks about his favorite sneakers growing up, getting his own Reebok collaboration, and some of his trademark sneakers.

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42 Responses

  1. Complex says:

    What’s your favorite Hot Ones episode?

  2. Jaime Rivera says:

    SEAN!! Two incredible hosts in one episode!! I haven’t even seen the episode yet and I already know I’m going to like it! Hot Ones make my Thursday afternoons and Sneaker Shopping make my Monday mornings so much better!! 🔥🔥

    • RIVERSIDER says:

      So, now that you’ve watched it, whats your thoughts on the episode 🤔🤷‍♂️??

      Was it *DRIP, FLIP* or *SKIP* 🧐

    • Jaime Rivera says:

      @RIVERSIDER hahaha it was definitely a DRIP! Kaws 4 are nice! And super nice of him to buy sneakers for his co-workers.

    • Radames Velazquez says:

      Fr. this was a great collab

    • RIVERSIDER says:

      @Jaime Rivera YES!! That was extremely dope of him to do. Speaks volumes on the type of person he is off camera 🤞💯.. Made me a bigger fan of him and from now onwards, he will get my support in any and every thing he does 💯..

      *SN : He would have got my support regardless but now he cemented it*

  3. siddhant gadkari says:

    Sean always does his research – and even here it feels like he did his reading again 😂 Props

  4. Ek Log says:

    This is where we’re going to ask JLP to be on the hot one’s

  5. Tone Riggz says:

    Don’t get my hopes up. Whenever I see Sean, I expect to see crying and snot running down people’s noses.

  6. Darien Sukach says:

    An unstoppable force has met an immovable object in this episode. I just love Sean and joe

  7. Clifford Bunton says:

    Seeing Sean Evans being stunned by how much research Joe and his team have done on him for this episode is life coming full circle. I’m so grateful to be alive and see this…

  8. melcerel says:

    Sean always gets compliments on his research, it’s great to see him being blown away by research done on him this time around! Great Job Joe!!

  9. Fish For Thought says:

    Must feel great to be on the other side of the interview with a good host 🤣

  10. RageElixir says:

    They both playing the Nardwuar game 😂

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