Season 1 Episode 6 Preview | House of the Dragon (HBO)

Season 1 Episode 6 Preview | House of the Dragon (HBO)

New episodes premiere Sundays at 9 pm ET on HBO Max.

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34 Responses

  1. iamchrispaezjr says:

    I’m gonna miss Milly dearly. She really cemented herself for the brief time she was on the show. I hope her career is long and prosperous

  2. Aniline Benzene says:

    The instrumental music of Ep5 is perfect. Mad respect for the artists. No words to describe how beautiful and perfect it is.

  3. Guilherme Moraes says:

    Farewell Milly Alcock and Emily Carey, both delivered an incredible performance and will be missed on the further episodes/seasons.

  4. Мистер Огонёчек says:

    This show never needs to be ended.

  5. CaptainRex says:

    The dance sequence in ep. 5 was so intense. This show keeps getting better and ep. 6 can’t come any faster. Excited for Olivia and Emma but I’ll definitely miss Emily and Milly. Phenomenal performances

    • Karla Lynn says:

      @West Power me too

    • Maximouse says:

      Tense isn’t the word… I was almost sick. Incredible shot and directed scene

    • roddo says:

      @Pan D that’s very kind. But there is no need for that in my case🙂. I would however, suggest you actually looking it up and then review this thread and see if you can figure out how the word applies to you and this thread.Will you let me know when you figure it out?Hope to speak again soon but, take your time if needs be. Good luck!

    • Pan D says:

      @roddo I’ll advise you to actually look that word up at this point.

  6. Lazery says:

    Milly had an amazing ending. She really set up the beginning of this long story and I hope we get to see more from her in other shows and movies in the future.

  7. lukewhatidid says:

    I’m loving how we are seeing people look as treacherous and traitorous like GOT Characters but then get to see later there’s actually pretty sensible reasons as to why they’re being made. Like Hightower, wanting to protect his line, but then just wanting his daughter and her Family survive or “Queen that never was” not wanting her son to have a throne if means he will likely die despite her spite for herself not being given the throne she rightly deserved.

  8. Beorn says:

    Thank you Milly and Emily for absolutely stunning performances. Can’t wait for next week, as we are edging ever closer to the dance.

  9. Dragon Ball Super says:

    When the Queen interrupted the speech of King Viserys, the music in the background gave me goosebumps similar to the Wildfire scene during Cersei’s trial at the Great Sept of Baelor. This show really captures the magic of the sequel series.

  10. Hennex1337 says:

    This Show get‘s better and better with each episode can‘t Imagine how epic the finale will be.

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