skibidi toilet 54

skibidi toilet 54

someone has returned…
skibidi dop dop dop yes yes
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38 Responses

  1. Kt Official says:

    I love this episode bro❤

  2. Loguia☕ says:

    Gotta love the creator added the representation of the whole internet into a single camera man tried to hug TV woman.

  3. ctrl gtag says:

    Hopefully the cameraman gets the hug he wants in sooner episodes.

  4. Daddy Shin says:

    Give that Camera Man the biggest hug in the world. He needs it.

  5. Hussain Waqar says:

    Massive W for the cameramen in this one and also that slap was “PERSONAL”

  6. Skielsthear says:

    For having no faces, the cameramen are VERY expressive in their head movements. Each time they give a thumbs up, you can almost see the eyebrows waggling like, “You good? See what we did there?”

  7. Zebra Gaming TV says:

    Don’t give up Camera man ! you can try again in next EP 😆

  8. jase tifekey says:

    a moment of silence, by the cameraman with a drainpipe. The truth is that he was one of the best characters in the series. He had courage and hope, thanks to that character he was incredible, rest in peace.

    • Friend says:

      It’s fine I believe that all the camera man have some sort of respawn or a thing that there connected to back to life like the toilets.

  9. Skitzophrenia says:

    For that cameraman who wanted a hug, his villain arc starts now.

  10. TheOne says:

    Camera man deserved a hug for almost being completely A-trained killed

    (Yay I got 2 likes how wonderful….)

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