Sonic Frontiers Prologue: Divergence

Sonic Frontiers Prologue: Divergence

For as long as he can remember, Knuckles has preferred to operate on his own. As the guardian of the Master Emerald, he knows every corner of his island and every secret it holds…or so he thought. A sudden discovery is about to turn his world upside down.

Find out Knuckles’ fate in Sonic Frontiers, available for pre-order now:

We want to give a HUGE shoutout to everyone who worked to make this animation a reality, including Tyson Hesse, Ian Flynn, Powerhouse Animation Studios, Evan Stanley, Tee Lopes, Sonic Team, and Tomoya Ohtani! We hope you enjoy Sonic Frontiers!

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33 Responses

  1. SB737 says:

    This is the badass knuckles we’ve missed

  2. Sdudyoy says:

    Once again, Ian Flynn and Tyson Hesse have proven they make the best team when it comes to Sonic lore and animations! Of course, the rest of the team did an amazing job on this as well, and Dave had an excellent performance as Knuckles! He really struck a balance between the laid back, cool and tough side of Knuckles, while also managing to capture his dopey personality! It was a great balance! And of course, Powerhouse always has such beautiful animation! They even managed to make an expressionless robot have personality just by its movements! This really makes me wish Knuckles could be playable sometime in the future, but for now: I’m just glad his character was respected!

    Perhaps, a Knuckles open world spin-off with Frontiers as a base? It’d be really cool to explore Angel Island, searching to uncover the secrets of its past, while also revising familiar locations!

  3. Rain says:

    This short was perfect. Not only did we get a callback to the Adventure era, but the way Knuckles was portrayed here is spot-on. About time he started being treated with respect again.

  4. The Chaos Dragoness says:

    This is definitely the Knuckles I grew up with, so happy to see a return to form with his characterization.

  5. Mr. Thumbs Up says:

    I- I’m at a complete loss of words. I already had high expectations for this animation, but you guys completely shattered them and made something absolutely incredible! Everything about this is a masterpiece, from the beautiful 2D animation, to Knuckles’ perfect characterization, to the lore from past games, to Dave Mitchell’s amazing voice acting, to the background music, basically everything about this is top-tier. If this is a sign of what Sonic Frontiers’ story would be like, than I think we just might be getting the best story of any Sonic game of all time.

    • Jake Riese says:

      I don’t think dave is as good as Travis or Dan. Dave sounds like he is putting on the voice

    • Christos Animates says:

      Can we also talk about the possibility of us getting lore for the echidna clan and how the ruins were made? Maybe the titans are connected to chaos and the master emerald?

  6. SonicWhacker55 says:

    Tyson Hesse always knocks it out the park with the Sonic animation shorts, and same can now be said with this well-made prologue. Super hyped for Sonic Frontiers!!!

  7. BootleG says:

    Nothing can express the amount of joy that this brings to not just me, but Sonic fans alike. Nothing can express how stunning and phenomenal the story, the voice acting, the scenery, the freaking animation all are. For so long we’ve missed the Knuckles who was known as a badass, and to finally see Knuckles being Knuckles just warms the hearts of so many fans out there. If this can’t hype up the game any better, than I don’t know what will.

  8. sonic the Hedgehog fan says:

    I love how they did Knuckles in this, the chao and flickies were also adorable, as they should be, I also love how they brought them back to cannon relevance and how Tikal’s spirit is shown to still be around, everything about this animation was amazing.

  9. Caleb Patterson says:

    I am in awe. I missed Knuckles characterized like this. He’s finally back. And this makes me confident that the rest of the characters in game will be back to their roots as well, while also moving them forward. Cannot wait for Frontiers. 💙💛❤

  10. SpokenMMV says:

    This is legit a great way to bring back something that we’ve missed in awhile from Knuckles.

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