SpaceX Launches Falcon Heavy for the USSF-52 / X-37B Spaceplane

SpaceX Launches Falcon Heavy for the USSF-52 / X-37B Spaceplane

SpaceX’s fifth Falcon Heavy of the year is set to liftoff from Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center carrying the US Space Force X-37B spaceplane.

Falcon Heavy – USSF-52 (OTV-7)

Window Opens: December 28th at 8:07PM EST (01:07 UTC on the 29th)
Window Closes: December 28th at 8:17PM EST (01:17 UTC on the 29th)
Current T0: December 28th at 8:07PM EST (01:00 UTC on the 29th)

Mission: Falcon Heavy launch of the US Space Force X-37B Vehicle 2
Target orbit: Classified, theorized to be a highly elliptical and highly inclined orbit.
Boosters: B1064-5 as MY booster, B1065-5 as PY booster, B1084 as center core. 76d 10h 47min 17s turnaround for side boosters.
Booster histories: Side boosters previously flew USSF-44, USSF-67, Echostar 24, and NASA’s Psyche. Center core is new.
Booster recovery: Side boosters will land at SpaceX’s Landing Zone 1 and Landing Zone 2. Center core will be expended.
Fairing recovery: Doug located approximately 1,600km downrange
Rocket trajectory: Northeast hugging the east coast of the United States
Payload mass: Classified
Stubby nozzle: NO (thankfully)
· SpaceX’s 97th launch of the year and the 8th launch of the month
· 264th Falcon orbital launch since Amos 6, Falcon Heavy’s 9th orbital flight.
· SpaceX’s 72nd launch from LC-39A
· 32nd landing on LZ-1 out of 33 attempts
· 9th landing on LZ-2 out of 9 attempts
· 183rd and 184th successful landings since the last failed one
· 300th launch of a SpaceX rocket (5 F1, 284 F9, 9 FH, 2 Starship)


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13 Responses

  1. @nathanjiang100 says:

    I got to see this launch in person from across the bay in Titusville. What a sight and hats off to all those who made tonight’s launch not only possible but a resounding success!

  2. @Airbertach says:

    Another great launch of the Falcon Heavy with its precious cargo the X-37B. It’s impressive with the three boosters and the thrust generated. Very powerful. NSF you did it again, with top notch commentary and video. Thank you, Jack, Alex, Sawyer and Patrick. You guys make a great team. 😀

  3. @FrikInCasualMode says:

    We don’t get nearly enough Falcon Heavy launches. This rocket is so majestic.

  4. @paulkocyla1343 says:

    Seen it live at Jetty Park. The boosters landed nearby and provided an impressive sonic boom 🙂
    Nice, clear sky, warm weather and a beautifully huge moon. Many people and a great atmosphere.

  5. @Wayoutthere says:

    The synchronized landings give me goosebumps.

  6. @londonlore5881 says:

    Gorgeous launch, roll (I’m an absolute sucker for a roll after lift-off!), side boosters separation and double landing. I will NEVER get tired of it – Awesome coverage guys – Thanks! 👍

  7. @Marvinfj32 says:

    Great job guys, you are doing an amazing job. thank you.

  8. @U_Geek says:

    The double booster landing never gets old.

  9. @nilsgkkroemer5488 says:

    Simply great again. Congratulations to the NASA team. Thanks a lot. 👍

  10. @OfentseMwaseFilms says:

    Someone took a photo of it passing infront of the moon!

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