Speedrunning a Minecraft block part 3

Speedrunning a Minecraft block part 3

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21 Responses

  1. Bob Ross Is Epic says:


  2. ChEeSe_CuRd says:

    This is the best thing ever speed runing a Block
    Edit : TY FOR ALL THE LIKES I really appreciate you all

  3. Shakkira Muhammed Ali says:

    You have to speedrun an ender dragon when you hit 100K on YouTube

  4. K 75 says:

    Imagine he gets netherite block…

  5. David Ymker says:

    How could we use this wheel, it looks really cool

  6. ductr2hn says:

    “every single block in minecraft…”

    Command block, barrier block, end portal block,… : Im about to ruin this man whole care

  7. Deven The Gamer says:

    “While the bees did their thing, I got some coal, iron and food”

  8. NitroMorg says:

    Dragon Egg, at what point does it just become an actual Speedrun?

  9. Vanswock says:

    Damn I can’t believe that the whole game speedrun is faster than this
    We have evolved so much

  10. FoolishPotatoes says:

    I love how he took nearly twice as much time to get a magenta candle than a gold block

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