Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer 2 Announcement EXACT TIME | Tobey & Andrew

Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer 2 Announcement EXACT TIME | Tobey & Andrew

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38 Responses

  1. Radioactive Spider says:

    This is the greatest Spider-Man thing that’s ever been.

  2. Rohan Sahajwani says:

    I can’t wait to see green goblin and electro in all their glory

  3. ReubenBB says:

    Give away entry:
    I think I’m most excited to see electro and see his new suit design in action!

  4. ForsakenSniper7 says:

    Seeing Doc Ock and Green Goblin coming back is very refreshing, especially since their original actors are reprising the roles, but if I had to pick the villain that I am the most excited for, definitely Green Goblin because it is very nice to see William Dafoe come back!

  5. unknown41 says:

    The fact that even the trailer has its own paid premiere event…… This is amazing.

  6. Tha King says:

    Definitely interested in seeing how well they tie all this together.

  7. Gregory Hayes says:

    Villain I can’t wait to see is The Green Goblin. It feels like forever since we have had another look at GG in a Spider-Man movie.

    • Seth Winters says:

      I’m really tired of Green Goblin cause he was used 3 times in the past movies. Norman, then Harry and then Harry again. Wish they would’ve gotten a different villain instead of him

    • PersonalPunkAO says:

      Yeah im all green goblined out. Too many movies with him

    • The Great and Terrible says:

      @PersonalPunkAO I’m hoping they change him up and play him more like the Norman Osborne during Dark Reigne.

    • NoFacedGoldfish says:

      @The Great and Terrible He won’t be a member of the Dark Avengers. Sadly Iron Patriot was already used. So stupid that Marvel/Disney didn’t have the rights to Norman Osborn but they had the rights of his Dark Avengers alias.

    • The Great and Terrible says:

      @NoFacedGoldfish That doesn’t mean anything. Names get passed on all the time, and using names of heroes is kind of the whole point of Dark Avengers.

      It actually makes more sense for him to impersonate one of Rhodey’s aliases, since Stark is dead

  8. Craft Sketchit says:

    I can’t wait to see how the different villains interact with each other. I want to see Norman call electros motive stupid because he doesn’t understand it, and Dr. Conners show interest in sandman’s genetic makeup (being part sand would intrigue him as it would relate with his bio genetics research) We could even get some secret history between Norman and Doc Ock that might effect how they work together. I’d also love to see a power dynamic between the two. Maybe Norman, being power hungry, isn’t too keen on the idea that Otto offered everyone to work together and henceforth is the “leader” or the one “calling the shots” this could even play into their downfall. Just some ideas but could be cool

  9. syed bilal says:

    This movie is literally the most hyped movie ever even than infinity war… Wow… I’m so much excited to see doc ock and goblin….

  10. RAZUR says:

    This is the longest tomorrow ever, been waiting 2 days for “tomorrow”

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