State of the Role: Campaign 3 Announcement | Fall 2021

State of the Role: Campaign 3 Announcement | Fall 2021

Matthew Mercer, Marisha Ray, and Travis Willigham are back with our Fall 2021 State of the Role, featuring our Campaign 3 announcement!

Critical Role Campaign 3 airs on Thursdays at 7pm Pacific beginning October 21st at and, with rebroadcasts at 12am Pacific and 9am Pacific on Twitch. VOD is available immediately for Twitch channel subscribers and will be available at at 12pm Pacific the following Monday. Audio from Critical Role will be available the following Thursday on the Critical Role podcast network (Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and more).

You can also experience the premiere in-person with the community through a handful of special screenings in the United States offered by our friends at Cinemark! If you’d like to attend a special screening and learn more about Cinemark’s enhanced safety measures, visit:

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59 Responses

  1. Henry DeLisle says:

    I can’t wait to see how Taliesin’s new character breaks the game

  2. Loka says:

    This is just a theory BUT: History has shown us that Taliesin is Matt’s guinea pig for testing new homebrew classes, so it’s perfectly natural for him to “have questions”. 😉

  3. Lauren Drake says:

    The potential “new storytellers” probably just refers to more one shots and stuff like EXU but I definitely imagined our new adventurers doing plane-shifting shenanigans and each otherworldly plane having a different DM to reflect the madness of that dimension.

    • Corvus says:

      God I hope this isn’t a planeswalking campaign… ive been writing one of my own for *years* and it’s almost done and I swear to God if critical role makes one and then everyone I show this to is just like “oh you’re ripping off critrole” im gonna implode.

    • Tiara Starbrighter says:

      Guest stars would be interesting, and were a staple of the other two campaigns. Still, I hope most of the episodes are just the 7 players we love plus Matt; guests are great spices but they aren’t the dish we come to see.

      EXU was a good example of when too much changes; the fandom (myself included) dropped off despite both existing players we loved, a solid DM with a different style, a couple of good additions, and… Opal’s player who I think is nice in real life and tried REALLY hard but seemed a bit too new to role-playing to synch up with the group. Apparently Opal had a good arc but the character was too annoying for me to get behind and I just stopped watching, as did many.

      Experimentation is good and I look forward to what Matt, the regular crew and some very special guest stars bring to the world; it will be AMAZING.

    • Tiara Starbrighter says:

      @Dakota Anderson Honestly, that would be interesting to see Liam run an entire campaign BUT Critical Role with Matt Mercer was DM is just too big of a brand for that. Who knows, maybe if this continues for many years to come, Liam will DM in that manner to shake things up.

    • Nytehaunter says:

      Well I watched EXU and Aabria was an amazing Dm in her own right!! So I say bring them all on its gonna make this even more interesting and FUN!!

    • Mathieu Valade says:

      Yeah or épisodes including group crossovers!

  4. Tryptophan says:

    I understand why, but the pre and mid-show art reels were some of my favorite parts. Sad to see them go.

    • animesoul167 says:

      @Mr Philosophical Aren’t most of the drawings usually featuring previous events in the campaign? So they shouldn’t have spoilers for the current episode they’re airing on.

    • Mr Philosophical says:

      @animesoul167 Yes, that’s another good point. It may have been poor writing on my part, but my comment was for the most part sarcastic (i.e. there is no actual reason not to have the fan reel as they have done previously)

    • Mr Philosophical says:

      Besides the ads!

    • Mr Philosophical says:

      @Darth Axolotl Yes, they could do, and here’s hoping. If I had to make a bet though, my money would be on ads. I’ve been wrong plenty of times about plenty of things though, so we’ll wait and see

    • Larry Berry says:

      @animesoul167 The only thing I can think people mean, is art from either of the previous campaigns. If someone started on C3 or even C2 and saw some spoiler art from C1, or C2. Since some people may be watching without finishing them yet. I know a lot of people watching C2 hadn’t seen C1 or hadn’t finished watching it all.

  5. Dermot Louchart says:

    “Taliesin has a lot of questions”
    It’s time to complete the Mercer Class trifecta: Gunslinger, Blood Hunter, Lingering Soul

  6. Kirk Wagner says:

    “Collective asses?” Is that a new monster Matts going to introduce?

  7. Kooky Spooks says:

    “Matt can have more prep time at the end of each month”
    Yeah no as a DM I *felt* that

    • Hexen Wulf says:

      @v H Wow. I love that mindset. First of all, who gives a fuck? If all he’s doing is 9 hours a week and then a 3 hour game and he’s made something this successful, who gives a fuck if he takes a break? And even if it turned out like shit, who gives a fuck? He doesn’t OWE people more content just because he has a moment to breathe. I am so sick of that mindset from some fans, that the creators now OWE them because they’ve emotionally invested in something.

    • Mickeyantoinette says:

      For real though. Taking out one session every month makes such a difference. It’s like a little gasp of air between drowning in missing connective tissue and lore holes haha

    • v H says:

      @Hexen Wulf its honestly disgusting how entitled a lot of these people are. They’re going to be the reason CR quits, and rightfully so.

    • Stephen Carmickle says:

      @Hexen Wulf I can’t do a weekly game my games are nowhere near as detailed as Matt’s…

    • Psion says:

      @v H Thank you for so succinctly describing why Critters are to tabletop roleplaying what Twilight fans are to Urban Fantasy.

  8. Siobhan Daniels says:

    I can’t believe i’ll get to watch a campaign from the beginning in real time after two years of catching up

  9. Chris Ward says:

    I feel like it’s inevitable that at some point Travis is going to play a dragonborn.

  10. Jason Page says:

    Honestly, the BEST thing about that is that they are all sitting together.

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